A bicycle doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be valuable to you. It is your transportation, your exercise, your way of getting the kids to schoo and getting out to see the beautiful scenery along the bike paths in your city, and so much more. A bike has personal value that can’t always be measured in dollars. With the rise of bike theft in urban areas, a good bike lock is important.

Bike thieves are looking for the bikes that are easiest to steal in the least amount of time and can be done in the least conspicuous way possible. That’s why a bike lock that requires a lot of time to get through, or requires tools that make a lot of noise, protect your bike so much better than a thin cable that is quickly sacrificed to a pair of bolt cutters.

We highly recommend a bike lock made from solid hardened steel, like a U lock, a heavy chain, or the wonderfully compact and secure ABUS Bordo folding lock.