Electric bikes

Electric bikes are the perfect answer to the question of how to do everything in a day. These bikes have come a long way since their inception. Today's electric bikes are quiet, smooth, easy to use, and incredibly fun to ride. We carry cargo bikes and city bikes that come with built-in electric functionality, as well as electric assist kits that can be installed on most bikes. Our selection of electrified bikes are chosen for their ability to enhance biking with rider control over the amount of assist the motor is giving you. This means you can have the traditional experience of climbing a hill (slowing as you go up, but exhilarated when you reach the top) as well as the ability to cruise up hills with the wind in your hair, like a Tour de France rider on Alpe d'Huez.

Urban Arrow's electric cargo bike is designed to carry children (or other unwieldy cargo) around town safely, while leaving you with enough energy to take care of whatever awaits once you leave your bike. The modular design of the Urban Arrow means that you can purchase a different front end (eg, the Shorty) once your kids are grown or you no longer want as large of a cargo area.

We carry two options from Yuba, a long tail (the elMundo) and a short tail (elBoda Boda). The elMundo is an electrified version of their popular Mundo line. This means it is also compatible with Yuba's extensive accessories line, such as Monkey Bars, stirrups, and other products designed to make your kid's ride comfortable and safe. The elBoda Boda is a beautiful choice for folks who have a regular need to carry loads (or 1-2 kids), but who also like to ride for fun.

Xtracycle has added an electric option to their lineup with the Edgerunner + BionX.

Workcycles KR8 gives you a classically styled bakfiet with the practicality of an electric assist.

The Faraday is an award-winning, innovative bike that is looking to change how electric bikes are viewed for everyday riding. This stunning bike is built to handle both hills and distance, with it's long lasting battery, integrated lights and comfortable ride. Add on your favorite Brooks saddle for a stylish and unique ride.

If you already have your bike and couldn't bear to get another one, check out the electric assist kits and contact us for compatibility questions. We carry Stokemonkey and BionX, both noted for capability, serviceability, and positive riding experience.