Xtracycle catalyzed the present North American adoption of cargo bikes not with a bike, but with a "hitchless trailer" kit that converted a normal bike into a cargo bike, of a type called a longtail. So while the resulting vehicles aren't entirely manufactured by Xtracycle, most people just call them Xtracycles, and so do we. Xtracycle continues to make conversion kits, but more recently also complete bicycles, most notably the spectacular EdgeRunner. At Clever Cycles, we convert bikes by other manufacturers into Xtracycles, and sell Xtracycle-brand bikes too.

  • Haul 2 children and up to 6 bags of groceries at the same time
  • Lightweight in relation to hauling capacity
  • EdgeRunner features groundbreaking low center-of-gravity design for increased capacity without extra weight
  • Handles like a normal bike
  • Fantastic growing ecosystem of accessories to adapt for special purposes