Clever Cycles opens

clever cycles interior, day 1

yup, finally. we’ve been running on fumes for days, but today Clever Cycles opened. And it was good. We’ll be in catch-up mode for the next few days weeks months until the revolution. Please excuse our dust, real and virtual, and occasional crazed mien in the interim.

We had to come up with a 50-word description of our business for some local directory. That was so helpful it hurt. This is what we came up with:

Clever Cycles serves families and businesses seeking to avoid dependence on cars with stylish, practical bicycles and accessories for everyday use. Dutch bakfietsen and city bikes, folding bikes, and our Stokemonkey electric assist for Xtracycles feature passenger and cargo capacity, plain-clothes comfort, all-weather readiness, and low maintenance.

Jonathan the Phenomenon at has an excellent photo set up.

27 thoughts on “Clever Cycles opens”

  • Jeff and Pam

    Congratulations the shop looks GREAT--love the wood floors, the lighting-actually the whole look! Clearly a dream come true. You should be so proud. We look forward to seeing it in person later this month. Hope you have bikes left by the time we get there.

  • beth h

    Congrats and welcome to Portland. I'll be bringing my friend by soon to check out the Stokemonkey. She is an avid bicyclist who is 12 weeks past chemo and is already looking for new ways to maintain her passion for bicycle riding. She still wants to ride but has conceded that she likely needs electric assist to keep doing it. We look forward to seeing your shop.

  • Todd

    Thanks Beth. You welcomed me to Portland in 2004 when I met you at PSU to get the scoop on bikey neighborhoods. You loaded me up with maps and tips for finding a home. I've been lastingly grateful. I should let you know that Stokemonkey is getting the hindmost teat for a few weeks as we move stock physically, deal with some parts supply bubbles, and put off making new customers to prioritize support for existing ones. We don't have a stoked rig to test ride, yet. Of course you're very welcome to stop in anyway!

  • Logan

    Congrats, very cool news. Now if only I lived nearby...

  • Paul

    Hi Todd, The shop looks great. One more reason to be tempted to move up to Portland, but we're still trying to turn Santa Fe into a sunnier bike-centric city. Laura was telling me that a Bakfietsen would be good for selling my honey. There's something else to put money aside for. Good luck with the new shop.

  • Bill Manewal

    Congratulations! The photos are great. It's exciting to see all those baks hanging around. It will be even better when they're parked all over Portland. Can't wait to come up and see the shop in person. And, please, after the startup phase has settled into place, don't neglect feeding the Monkey.

  • Scott Mizée

    "Jonathan the Phenomenon!" I love it!

  • Bruce Alan Wilson
    Bruce Alan Wilson June 3, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    I really think this is wonderful. I wish that we had something like this here in Charleston.

    The only bicycle shop we have here is geared mostly to recrectional cyclers--either road or mountain. I know that the owner is sympathetic to the cause of transportational cycling, but he feels that he has to cater to the customers he has, rather than the ones he wishes he had.

    On the other hand, we have the bikes one can buy at K-mart, Wal-Mart, and Target. Thre's nothing in between. Hence, those who are transportational cyclists because they MUST be, are riding on machines which are either unsafe or will be shortly, and aren't worth bringing up to standards--and the only place in town who COULD do so in order to stay in business must charge more than such people can afford. (And who, in any case, have as much work as they can take with the recreational cyclists.)

    Of course, there are lots of backyard bicycle mechanics, but there is no way that they can connect with one another. Unless one happens to know someone, one's only option is to go to the only LBS, who will (must!) charge an arm and a leg (to quote Jeffery Dahlmer's bail bondsman).

    My church has a program (I'm on the Committee) called Spokes4Folks. We collect bikes that people aren't using, fix them up, and distribute them to clients of the Manna Meals Soup Kitchen. We've been doing this for a few years, and I think that this is a good work, but I really think we could be doing more.

    I'd like to train our clients in bicyle maintainance and repair; some of them would use these skills mostly to maintain their own bikes, or their friends', but some might be encouraged in entrepreneurship to help people in their neighborhoods to keep their bikes in repair. Alas, I haven't the technical knowhow to start such a program myself, and while everyone says it sounds like a great idea, nobody is willing to do anything concrete.

    I'd also like to start a youthbike program, like Boston's Bikes Not Bombs; again, every organization that works with at-risk kids with whom I've talked thinks that it is a great idea, noboby wants to actually come up with any concrete assistance.

  • Matt M

    I stopped in friday between 5:30-6 and it looked great (and busy)! Congratulations! It is nice to have you just down the street from our shop. I was able to talk with Martina for a few minutes and get my questions answered, thank you. I look forward taking a Bakfiets out for a demo with my wife, to see if she likes it. Today, for the first time, I got her to ride our recently purchased Xtracycle-Bobike-equiped Cannondale (bought it used), fully loaded for approx 5 miles. We loaded it up at the Sellwood New Seasons and then on for more at the Milwaukie Farmers Market. She handled it pretty good and seemed to like it. We've been debating a stoked xtra, or a bakfiets. Todd, any idea if you will be allowing customers to stoke the bakfiets in the future? Seems like the perfect in-town car replacement. I look forward to seeing your accessory selection grow as we move into next fall.

  • Derek

    Cool! My wife and I are coming down to Portland in the next couple of weeks. I will definitely make an effort to get over there! Congrats!

  • Aaron Goss

    Awesome Todd, You will prosper (and live long). Now I must think of some more Bak jokes to bother you with. I has a blast helping you open. I wish I could have stayed longer. My shop is as busy as ever as I hope yours will be. Oh, the problems we have! Life is good. My sister is going to come see you for a Bakfiets. I will be down again, soon.

    Your friend, Aaron

  • Brad

    I love the new shop. I noticed the seat cushion in one of the Bakfietsen that you have on display. Are they custom made or available for purchase? Also, is that a custom long tail I see up on a shelf? And a cream colored Brompton? I think my keyboard is getting wet from the drool. Congrats and I hope all goes well in your new venture.

  • Todd

    Brad, those cushions are designed and sewn by our crafty neighbor <a href="" rel="nofollow">Suzanne</a> just for the bakfietsenensi, and they are indeed for sale. On the shelf up there is the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Vanilla longtail #1</a> on loan. Not for sale. But we'll be building up plenty of drooly longtails soon. That's an ivory Brompton, with all ti options (incl ti-rail Brooks) and Schmidt SON hub. Super sweet, spendy. I almost hope nobody buys it because I want it. O man, I know i need to document all this someplace better than in a comment. Look soon for a "Products & services" menu on this here site.

  • Erik Sandblom
    Erik Sandblom June 5, 2007 at 7:00 am

    Beautiful store. I like the bikes and I like the colours. Brown floor and light green walls. A reading corner. Very nice. I wish I lived somewhere nearby.

  • Joel

    Erik says "I wish I lived somewhere nearby."

    Damn. I wish I lived in that store. Next time I visit my sis in PDX I hope to stop in.

  • David Moskovitz

    What do you hear about Yubaride? The word is that they will be available through Xtracycle this fall. Very good price points. Perhaps filling the gap at the low end?

  • Graham

    The Yuba Mundo looks like an ideal low end bike for hauling stuff. Between that, Xtracycle equipped regular bikes, Big Dummies, Bakfiets and various custom jobs a whole range of needs can be met. At first glance, I thought the Yuba was going to make me reconsider my imminent Xtra purchase, however, I see no easy way to mount a Stokemonkey. With only 6 gears in the hub gear model and no assist its not going to do it for me.
    Great looking store Todd! Congratulations! Now, just get everything sorted out and running smooth, so when I order my SM next month I don't have to wait to long ;)

  • Heather

    I'm soooo excited to check out your store! We've been talking about it over at . I'll be looking for ideas for biking with two kids (ages 5 & 3). Congrats, and see you soon!!

  • nathan

    Nice! Big, big, BIG-time congrats. :D

  • Carolyn

    That's fantastic! When are you doing a franchise in SF?

  • Todd

    Carolyn, there are rumors of a San Francisco bay area dealer of the Dutch bikes we carry opening. But the ITChair, that's a Clever exclusive in North America.

  • Greg

    I'm up in Anchorage where utility bikes are scarce on the ground. I just found out about your new outfit and I am so there the next time I'm 9n town.

  • DutchAmy

    Congratulations on your shop. I'm a native Portlander, living in the Netherlands, and so glad that bakfietsen have migrated to the PDX area! Over here, they're a way of life. ;)
    Enjoy; I'll be sure to check out your store the next time I'm in the area. Oh, and you can get bakfietsen with two front wheels here, too, for those parents that aren't feeling as stable riding on a regular two-wheeled box bike. Don't know if you can export them, but it's just an idea!

  • Kimgerly

    So glad to find your store!! Since returning to the USA from Utrecht, NL almost two years ago, I had been looking to acquire another heavy-duty city bike, like the Batavus I used to ride. I can now look forward to obtaining a women's framed version here in P-land. AND, I'll be able to properly demonstrate how one doubles-up. ;^) I also understand you'll be carrying Basil saddlebags!! Lekker!

  • Scott Mizée

    Congratulations on One Year guys! Here's to another 10!

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