• Big clearance sale

    It's like a yard sale, only it's 100% new bikes that are starting to feel in the way of other stuff we'd like to stock more of. See something you like? Come on in to the store or give us a call. We want to help you find the best bike to match your needs.

    Surly Straggler

    It's like the beloved Cross Check, except disc brakes, extra tough undercoat, a tiny bit longer wheelbase, and brifters instead of old-school bar-end shifters. Also way cool purple glitter paint. This is the first drop-bar bike we've ever carried whose drop bars and shifters are too expensive to replace right away with swept city bars. Which goes a long way toward explaining why we're clearing them: we are an urban transportation shop, not a sporting goods shop. Of course, anybody who tells you you can't commute on a cyclocross bike, especially an awesome one like this, is totally lying. (The following colors/sizes are in stock: Glitter Dream: 46, 50, 54cm; Black: 58, 62cm) Regularly $1775, now $1525.

    Breezer Greenway

    Quality and performance in an affordable package. Greenways are light, their hydroformed aluminum frames will never rust, and their wide-range gearing mean they are ready for anything. Dynamo lighting, rack and fenders included. (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Satin Blue XL) Regularly $849, now $750.

    Breezer Liberty

    Wide-range 27-speed drivetrain can handle any terrain you throw at it. The Liberty is fully equipped with dynamo lighting, rack, fenders, and a rear mount kickstand. (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Blue Grey 48, 52cm). Regularly $1100, now $750.

    Linus Libertine

    Linus makes a road bike? Yes, and it's a looker, straight out of 1979 through a gauzy lens. Light butted chromoly, downtube shifters, leather tape, match-finish metal fenders... (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Steel Blue, 51, 55, 59cm). Regularly $939, now $800.

    Breezer Uptown Infinity, step-through frame

    Nuvinci continuously variable internal wide range gearing, dynamo lighting, full chaincase, wheel lock, fenders, rear rack and fenders. In Extra Small only, black/copper. Regularly $1220, now $800.

    Tern X10

    Really light, really fast, really portable and made from top quality stuff. (The following color is in stock: White/Orange). Price? Ask.

    Pilen Lyx Portlandia

    Tough, beautiful, full-service Swedish city bike suits riders above 5ft 7in. 8-speed Shimano internal gearing, LED dynamo lighting, fenders, Brooks saddle, huge rear rack, wheel lock. (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Diamond frame 56cm: Red, Blue; Step-thru frame 56cm: Blue). Regularly $1649, now $1400.

  • What's new at Clever Cycles?


    IMG_0255Urban Arrow is here! At this moment we've assembled only two, the Family model, and we're putting them through paces to learn what only riding teaches. First impressions: MEGA FUN, SUPER SEXY, SLICK AND SOLID! The company calls these the first true urban car replacement, and while we think any bike or pair of shoes or maybe even a bus pass can be that for many, if you need to go anyplace in town at a good clip with a passenger or two and stuff, in comfort, safety, and style, this is it: the smart Bosch mid-drive means you can work as little or as much as you want. Look for a more detailed review with video soon, or better yet, come on down with the kids and try it yourself. Guaranteed big smile.

    Loads of Xtracycle Edgerunners in stock. These have been hard for us to keep in stock: a huge hit as a family bike. In addition to the accessibly-priced 24D specification, we have the first 2014 EdgeRunners factory-built with the popular NuVinci N360 continuously variable transmission. Either are well matched to our Stokemonkey electric assist.

    Babboe Curve trike (and City bike): with the beloved Christiania trikes sold out and future supply uncertain, we ordered a trike from Babboe called the Curve. It seats 4! First impressions: heavier, but more stable at speed than Christiania, very solid, handsome, and a good value with smart specification.
    Ladcykel Curve LS 9 B

    Simcoe Bikes. simcoe-web-greystsideWe brought these in to complement our popular Linus bikes. Both Simcoe and Linus are clean, stylish revivals of mid-century town bikes at attractive prices. At the moment we have only 2 3-speed step-throughs to check out, but we'll build up the even nicer 7-speeds we received today real soon now. First impressions: a solid step nicer than already-nice Linuses in most ways, but also a bit more expensive. Essentially, both are marvels of cost engineering, and you get what you pay for. If you've evaluated Linus or Public bikes before and thought "almost but not quite!", check out Simcoe.

    Thanks Martina!

    March was Clever Cycles co-founder Martina's last month working in the shop. We wish her success and happiness in her new endeavors, among them Forge Portland and the COG Space.

  • Brooks Saddles: 20% off with 1-year happiness guarantee

    Brooks saddles are 20% off through Sunday, 20 April. Limited to (ample) items in stock. This applies also to the new vegan-flavored Cambium models, made from rubber and cotton instead of leather. If you don't like your purchase for any reason, return it and we'll offer a refund for 30 days, and store credit for a full year!

    Brooks saddles are the only kind we've ever stocked, minus a few trifling exceptions. Their lack of any padding, their vulnerability to rain (except new Cambium sort), and their costs beginning over $100 make our exclusive attachment to them seem odd to some, contrary even. Yet we persist because they really are more comfortable than padded saddles. Counterintuitively or not, when your sit bones press down into padding, the padding presses up into adjacent soft tissue, trapping heat and wreaking all kinds of numbing, chafing havoc. Brooks saddles are comfortable through suspension rather than padding, offering a firm supportive surface that remains cool and lets your clothing slide easily rather than rubbing your skin. They get even more beautiful and comfortable with use, and they're not much harder to care for (or break in) than a pair of leather boots. Since saddle pain is probably the single most common comfort issue in bicycles, we think a Brooks saddle is an eminently worthwhile investment for any daily rider, whether in fact or aspiration.

    Brooks B17 Select after about 6 months' use. Was pink raw leather, now honey, will slowly turn ebony.

    Still, sometimes we doubt ourselves, as when we ran a promotion last year on Brooks saddles, we offered a 1-year return policy on saddles sold during the promotion. We were a little worried that if the sale prices led people to buy with less care and deliberation than appropriate, that we would see a large number of returns months down the road. We sold a lot of saddles that week. We never saw a single return!

    So, effective immediately and indefinitely, we will now offer a 1-year satisfaction policy on all Brooks saddles, offering store credit after our 30-day refund policy runs out. If you're not local to Portland, just use the code "happy" to receive the discount in our Brooks department.

  • Enter Urban Arrow

    Three years ago, at the European bicycle industry trade show Eurobike, a stunning new family cargo bike appeared: Urban Arrow. Six are on their way to us right now. We are taking pre-orders.

    Urban Arrow Photoshoot (en) from epe on Vimeo.

    While we and many others love the supremely relaxed ergonomics and practical feature completeness typical of the Dutch family bikes we introduced to Portland, the fact that Portland isn't even nearly flat like Amsterdam means that their local appeal is skewed toward the very strong. Simply put, upright comfort and hill-climbing cargo capabilities are hard qualities to combine especially when the bikes themselves tend to be very heavy.

    Urban Arrow changes all this. It joins a lightweight frame, a giant passenger compartment, typically Dutch friendly ergonomics, a superior Bosch electric mid-drive with disc brakes, dynamo lighting, and NuVinci N360 continuously variable gearing in an iconic design by Wytze van Mansum.

    We've been trying to get these bikes since 2010. The company has understandably been keen to keep the product close to home in Europe to identify and resolve the first-generation problems typical of any ambitious new product before going big internationally, so we've left many business conversations empty handed. But now, finally, after some substantial specification changes and major awards later, Urban Arrow is coming to Portland!

    Normally we would hesitate to accept pre-orders on not-inexpensive items before we'd received any, but we're making an exception for these elusive, hotly desired bikes. Perhaps you too have been on the hunt for years. It's unclear how quickly we'll be able to receive more after these six are sold.

  • Winter clearance sale: You Buy MEOW!

    Up to 50% off, 4 days only: Friday 21 February through Monday

    Usually relatively balmy, February has kind of sucked so far business-wise, with a weekend closed due to snow and ice, and the polar vortex chilling the adjacent weeks. Meanwhile our stocks of lovely winter clothing, both wool street wear and more technical rain gear, remain strong as new Spring stock begins to arrive. But who likes a sob story? Nobody, is who.

    We have taken note of the amazing compulsive power of cats on the internet these few dreary weeks, and decided not only to adorn our windows with adorable silhouettes of cats (and dachshunds!) raining from the sky, but to deploy the power of Grumpy Cat and MS Comic Sans together in this unlicensed photo, in a craven bid to get you to buy some stuff.

    C'mon! If that's not enough, here's what we're offering:

    25-50% off    Ibex wool!
    30% off    Raingear, hats and gloves!
    25% off    Helmets!
    10% off    Everything* else!
    *0% off    Brompton bicycles (a steal at full price), Kinn bicycles, Stokemonkey unless purchased together with a compatible longtail
  • That red thing: Stokemonkey is back!

    It seems like every few hours for the last couple months, people ask us if we've heard about the Copenhagen Wheel. 18mnsbqrqf40ejpg It's an electric motor for bicycles, and your smartphone talks to it, and it's red! According to dozens of non-bicycle-oriented media organs and their repeaters, who have never ridden one, it re-invents the wheel. Hasn't shipped yet, but they're already calling it "the leading pedal assist electric system in the world." Actually we've been hearing about it for several years since it was first presented as a concept involving cloud-based crowd-swarming electric bicycle traffic jam avoidance technology. We've still heard very little useful about it from anybody not part of the marketing effort, which is heavy on beautiful people astride one pristinely white bike with the saddle too low, stripped-down no doubt to emphasize the uncluttered design. Tech specs are thin. You can pre-order one. All snark aside, it might be awesome. We hope so. We'll see! What's beyond question is that these people have awesome buzz-building skills. Which is really the only reason we're even mentioning it.

    Our own red-motor electric assist system called Stokemonkey is back. stokemonkeyWe developed Stokemonkey for Xtracycle's longtail cargo bikes, starting in 2003, when we lived in famously hilly San Francisco. While the practicality and fun of hauling passengers and similar heavy loads on a bike in flattish terrain is a true story in need of more telling, almost everybody knows that steep hills and heavy cargo make bicycles neither practical nor fun. We invented Stokemonkey to make cargo bikes work anywhere. Patented in 2007, it still does.

    Frankly, it's been a long, bumpy road bringing and keeping Stokemonkey on the market, with lots of part supply problems, especially in the battery department. Never mind the major recession, and the different kinds of strengths required on the one hand to open and run a bicycle shop and on the other to manufacture a complex kit of parts in low volumes, it turns out that the most compelling use cases for Stokemonkey are set in much hillier places than Portland, while we as a Portland shop can't always offer an ideal level of pre- and post-sale support of installations on bicycles we don't sell or even see, let alone lay our hands on. Together, these facts and a few more made Stokemonkey challenging business for us.

    Stokemonkey is back because it would be necessary to invent again if it didn't exist. It has developed something of a cult following, because for all the many sorts of electric assist systems out there, Stokemonkey remains unrivaled in joining the following attributes:

    • Huge torque. Using the bottom end of common MTB-type gearing, Stokemonkey can produce up to about 4 times the torque as popular hub motors like BionX, or twice as much as an early VW Bug (~110lb-ft/150Nm), allowing full power at sub-walking speeds. Torque is what you need to budge a heavy bike up a steep hill from a dead stop. Stokemonkey got ~480lbs up this very hill that brings hub motors to their knees:
    • Much more efficient. On a loaded bike in hilly terrain, especially with a lot of stop and go, Stokemonkey can go more than twice as far on a given battery than popular hub motors: "With the eZee system, Heidi could only manage about 30km, where under similar conditions and using the same battery, she was cranking out 85km with the Stokemonkey." That's because the motor is never forced to work at slower speeds than optimal. This advantage disappears if all you want is help cruising along at higher speeds in flattish country. Since batteries are the most costly and frankly limiting component of most any assist system, doing more with less is a huge advantage.
    • Quiet and robust. Stokemonkey has no internal moving parts, and no high-speed moving parts at all. Noise-wise, it's the difference between a ceiling fan and a cordless drill. There are other assist systems on the market that can move loads nearly as well as Stokemonkey, themselves a little lighter, but always at the expense of their internal hamster wheels moving at buzzy, fast wearing speeds.
    • Non-proprietary consumables. Moving parts wear out. Batteries die. When the time comes, Stokemonkey's moving parts are standard bike parts available from several manufacturers. Same story for suitable batteries: while good ones aren't as readily available or inexpensive as we'd like, what's certain is you'll never be locked in to any one company's proprietary offerings.
    • Inexpensive. This is relative, of course. It's the cheapest system that will do what it does. If you don't need your bike to be a tractor, you have less expensive choices. If you do, Stokemonkey is The One.

    We have partnered with the electric assist specialist Grin Technologies in Vancouver, BC to update the supply chain and the product generally. We are again selling Stokemonkey installed on complete bikes that we sell locally or ship. These include Xtracycle's Edgerunner and now Yuba's Mundo, together with Surly's Big Dummy. For mail-order retrofit projects, and a la carte parts support, especially if to be installed on bikes we do not stock, contact Grin.

    Installed ChainlineJustin Lemire-Elmore of Grin was responsible for programming Stokemonkey's main software elements in 2007-8, and in addition to helping bring back Stokemonkey in its "classic" form with chain-driven left crank, is innovating with both hard- and software to introduce a very elegant pedal-sensing variant: no additional chains or chainrings, no driven pedals, no throttle needed. You can read all about it here, in great geeky detail. It's kind of genius! We will sell this right-side variant after a few final refinements are field proven; meanwhile apply to Grin now if you are a "keen technically minded" person eager to get an early crack at the new flavor.

    Here's Stokemonkey's product page.

  • Win a free Brompton folding bike

    Brompton Bicycle Shipment

    Get two Brompton bicycles for the price of one!* Tag yourself and a friend in this photo on Facebook of a recent 54-bike Brompton shipment, together with a comment naming which Amtrak route you'd most like to carry your Bromptons aboard, to enter our drawing. On New Years Day, we’ll select one winner to receive two Bromptons for the price of one.

    Use our Brompton configuration tool to learn about what options work best for the type of riding you do. While Brompton touring is just one reason a Brompton might be the only bike you'll ever need, this recent announcement by Amtrak may smooth train travel with a folding bike.

    * Free second Brompton must be of equal or lesser value to first (purchased) one. Limited to in-stock Brompton bikes. We will contact winner directly via Facebook, so please make sure to like us.

  • What's new at Clever?

    It's been cold out there, huh? Are your hands cold? We always love your visits, but love them just a little bit more when you don't let the weather keep you off your bike!

    Holiday shopping offers

    Visit us between now and 24 December, and you'll save between 10 and 40% on your entire purchase. When you arrive, mention this offer to grab a discount card from our goodie basket. Check-in to Facebook while in the store, and we'll let you take a second card. You get the higher of the two discounts. Each card expires at the end of the day. Limit one card per customer, redeemable for in-stock items and in-store purchases only. Not applicable to gift cards or Brompton products, nor to be combined with other offers and non-transferable.

    Can't decide what to give? How about a Clever Cycles gift card? We'll throw in a free $5 card with each $50 gift card purchase until 24 December, available in store or online. All cards expire one year after purchase. Not to be combined with any other offer or discount.

    Custom Brompton tool updates

    We've added a bunch of new options to our Brompton builder tool, including new bright-as-cars lighting options, custom fenders, grips and saddles. In 2014 we plan to float a pretty huge stock of Bromptons, so we can deliver a wide range of specifications much faster than placing custom orders with the factory in London. We continue to be deeply grateful for the steadily advancing excellence of Brompton folding bikes, and their well-deserved rocketing popularity. Incidentally, Brompton celebrated 25 years of full-time production recently: huzzah!

    How do you like our new Brompton display?

    Surly Stragglers

    Right this minute we have 9 of the hotly-awaited Surly Stragglers in stock, plenty of sizes, both colors. This is the new disc-braked version of Surly's iconic Cross-Check. It's hard to imagine any bike so light, fun and sporty that also plays so hard and well as a year-round Portland commuter. If you're hooked on modern road bike ergonomics and zip, but need something you can beat on in most any weather and surface conditions daily for years and years, this is your bike.

    Linus Dutchi 8's

    The single most popular Linus variant at Clever, the Dutchi 8, has been out of stock everywhere for months. We just came into a small stock of them in Sage Green. Many are spoken for. But not all. Last chance before Spring.

    Xtracycle EdgeRunners

    For the first time in over a year, Xtracycle EdgeRunner bikes are just barely balancing in supply and demand, meaning that we have some on the floor right now that nobody's already bought. Three! There's no more fun, easy, soul-satisfying way to haul your family and your stuff around town.

    Babboe City cargo bikes

    We're coming up on 7 years of selling the Bakfiets.nl Cargobike, in premium specifications as supplied by WorkCycles in Amsterdam. There's nothing like it in sheer bombproof capability and feature completeness. They're also kind of expensive, and frankly not always easy for us to keep in stock, since they come only by the container to us. So we've always kept an eye out for a somewhat more affordable, easier-to-get alternative that doesn't suck. We think we've found it in the Babboe City, at more than $1000 less than its closest competitor. The Babboe is quite a bit lighter than a Bakfiets.nl Cargobike, possibly even more relaxed and comfortable, and it has arguably a better weather cover. Load up your kids and give it a spin!


    Yuba's light, affordable Boda Boda midtail cargo bike had been in short supply following a factory fire! But we've now got three varieties in stock, including one with BionX electric assist. That goes for the flagship heavy-duty Mundo model, too!

    LED lights above and below

    LED lighting for bikes is better than ever, and we have stock of the latest-greatest 2014 models including the new Eyc, Cyo Premium, and Edelux II, shown here on distributor Peter White's site in great geeky ardor. But we've made a change in the store, too, having retired all our pretty but wasteful overhead halogen lighting for LEDs. It used to be that LED lighting was either pretty ugly in quality, not very bright, or else too expensive. We tried 4 different vendors before settling on the fantastic Vivid series of MR16s by Soraa. We've cut our lighting bills way more than half while increasing the brightness at least a third. Dark will no longer be part of the Clever look in the cold months, we hope!

  • 2013 rental fleet on sale Black Friday


    It has become a tradition that we sell our rental bike fleet each November, the only time we sell used bikes. We select our rental bikes for toughness, so after only a year of use, they're merely broken in instead of worn out. It's a rare opportunity to acquire Brompton, WorkCycles, Breezer and other distinctive bikes, all completely equipped with generator lighting, fenders, racks, stands etc., at well under retail.

    The fleet goes on sale Friday, Black, at 11am. First come, first serve. We will provide a sign-up sheet the morning of so you don't have to actually stand in line. Local sales only; you must ride to decide. If that doesn't whip you all into a frenzy of craven holiday commerce, we will have several new Surly and Breezer bikes marked down for the occasion.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Portland. We're thankful to you for our best business year since 2007, and to powers unknown for this gentle descent into Winter.

  • Ibex store-in-store grand opening celebration! 14 November, 5-8pm

    ibex store-in-store

    The initial cost of fine wool clothing is often higher than other fibers, but its anti-stink qualities mean you wash it less, and the good stuff remains colorfast with good drape and no pilling for years and years: it’s good value -- even more so during this event. Combining the warmth of Ibex wool with the dryness and breathability of Showers Pass rain gear is the most comfortable way to ride year-round in Portland.


    Why come to this event?

    • People from Ibex and Showers Pass will help you choose the right products for you.
    • One night only! This is your chance to save 20% off Ibex & Showers Pass (both in-stock & special orders)
    • Free gifts with purchase (hint: rhymes with cat)
    • All sales from this event will be entered to win a free Dutchtub rental ($400 value; restrictions apply)
    • Free beer and other refreshments to help make your purchasing decisions easier.
    • Get a few holiday gifts out of the way?
    • It'll be even darker than it is now that evening. Our shop will be warm & bright, plus you'll probably run into someone you know.

      So Step Right Up and put November 14 at 5pm on your calendar.

      Discounts may not be combined; for example, no coupons on top of the one-night pricing.

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