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  • Big clearance sale

    It's like a yard sale, only it's 100% new bikes that are starting to feel in the way of other stuff we'd like to stock more of. See something you like? Come on in to the store or give us a call. We want to help you find the best bike to match your needs.

    Surly Straggler

    It's like the beloved Cross Check, except disc brakes, extra tough undercoat, a tiny bit longer wheelbase, and brifters instead of old-school bar-end shifters. Also way cool purple glitter paint. This is the first drop-bar bike we've ever carried whose drop bars and shifters are too expensive to replace right away with swept city bars. Which goes a long way toward explaining why we're clearing them: we are an urban transportation shop, not a sporting goods shop. Of course, anybody who tells you you can't commute on a cyclocross bike, especially an awesome one like this, is totally lying. (The following colors/sizes are in stock: Glitter Dream: 46, 50cm, Black 58, 62cm) Regularly $1775, now $1525.

    Breezer Greenway

    Quality and performance in an affordable package. Greenways are light, their hydroformed aluminum frames will never rust, and their wide-range gearing mean they are ready for anything. Dynamo lighting, rack and fenders included. (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Satin Blue XL) Regularly $849, now $750.

    Breezer Liberty

    Wide-range 27-speed drivetrain can handle any terrain you throw at it. The Liberty is fully equipped with dynamo lighting, rack, fenders, and a rear mount kickstand. (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Blue Grey 48, 52cm). Regularly $1100, now $750.

    Linus Libertine

    Linus makes a road bike? Yes, and it's a looker, straight out of 1979 through a gauzy lens. Light butted chromoly, downtube shifters, leather tape, match-finish metal fenders... (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Steel Blue, 51, 55, 59cm). Regularly $939, now $800.

    Breezer Uptown Infinity, step-through frame

    Nuvinci continuously variable internal wide range gearing, dynamo lighting, full chaincase, wheel lock, fenders, rear rack and fenders. In Extra Small only, black/copper. Regularly $1220, now $800.

    Tern X10

    Really light, really fast, really portable and made from top quality stuff. (The following color is in stock: White/Orange). Regularly $1900, now $1650.

    Pilen Lyx Portlandia

    Tough, beautiful, full-service Swedish city bike suits riders above 5ft 7in. 8-speed Shimano internal gearing, LED dynamo lighting, fenders, Brooks saddle, huge rear rack, wheel lock. (The following sizes/colors are in stock: Diamond frame 56cm: Red, Blue.). Regularly $1649, now $1400.

  • Winter clearance sale: You Buy MEOW!

    Up to 50% off, 4 days only: Friday 21 February through Monday

    Usually relatively balmy, February has kind of sucked so far business-wise, with a weekend closed due to snow and ice, and the polar vortex chilling the adjacent weeks. Meanwhile our stocks of lovely winter clothing, both wool street wear and more technical rain gear, remain strong as new Spring stock begins to arrive. But who likes a sob story? Nobody, is who.

    We have taken note of the amazing compulsive power of cats on the internet these few dreary weeks, and decided not only to adorn our windows with adorable silhouettes of cats (and dachshunds!) raining from the sky, but to deploy the power of Grumpy Cat and MS Comic Sans together in this unlicensed photo, in a craven bid to get you to buy some stuff.

    C'mon! If that's not enough, here's what we're offering:

    25-50% off    Ibex wool!
    30% off    Raingear, hats and gloves!
    25% off    Helmets!
    10% off    Everything* else!
    *0% off    Brompton bicycles (a steal at full price), Kinn bicycles, Stokemonkey unless purchased together with a compatible longtail
  • What a long strange trip it's been to our new website

    At long last, today we flipped the switch on a major revision to our website. For the first time in over a year, our product listings reflect actual inventory and prices. Online ordering: yes. We know there are still a lot of loose ends. Please bear with us as we scramble to tie them down. Be sure to let us know if you love or hate the new direction, too!

    As always, we are first and foremost a full-service Portland, Oregon local bike shop. We list only a fraction of our products online. Please do not assume that because something is not on our website, we don’t have it!

    Our site is meant more as encouragement to Portlanders to visit our shop than as a competitive response to online discounters (who will often beat our prices on commodity items) or to dealers of similar specialty products local to you, who can likely support your purchase best. We offer many hard-to-find products, but the main value we offer Portlanders is expertise, advice, hands-on problem solving, same-day convenience, and the opportunity to try out many things before buying.

    While we will ship bikes (when permitted by our agreement with the supplier), we believe strongly that you should ride any bike you are considering before purchase. Similarly, several of the unusual-for-America bicycle components and accessories we stock require careful measurement and consultation to assure compatibility. To avoid unnecessary risk of disappointment and return, we may contact you to discuss these points before fulfilling your order.

  • Wide Slow Hot Wet Load: rent a Dutchtub

    It's been nine months since outed our plan to rent Dutchtubs by bike, but we've finally gotten an insurance company to cover our crazy scheme, and the trailer is dialed in. just finished up the inaugural rental (Valentine's Day!), and ran a story.

    A Dutchtub is a portable wood-fired hot tub for four. Portable enough to deliver by bicycle. Do you see where this is going? Portland's bikey people deal with more than the usual amount of cold water most of the year. So collect it in a big beautiful tub, add 2 wheels and a bicycle hitch, brilliant Dutch design, friends or family, a hot fire, a meal cooked over flame, and it's all good. Slip in and soothe your bones under the stars or spiteful rainy clouds, no chemicals or motors necessary. You can now rent a Dutchtub, reservations being accepted starting 1 March. The rate is $400 for 3 nights, plus a $50 deposit refundable upon clean return. This fee includes the following:

    • The tub, complete with cover, fire coil shield, ash tray, wok, fill and drain hose with fittings and bung, leveling shims, stir paddle, custom bicycle trailer doubling as a hand cart
    • Delivery and pickup by Clever-certified bicycle tubbist* within our delivery area
    • Setup at your site, with instruction, tips for a successful first heating
    • ~60lbs dry wood for 1 heating; additional 60lbs @ $15
    • Approved cleaning products


    The delivery area

    View Clever Cycles Dutchtub rental bicycle delivery area in a larger map

    What you need

    • A firm, level ground surface (no roofs, most decks, balconies) for the tub within 50 feet of a hose-ready water source, unless you can fill the tub by means of your own device. The tub cannot be moved full.
    • The site must be safe for an open wood fire (open to the sky!), with no low-hanging vegetation or other nearby fire hazards. Please consider your neighbors' tolerance for possible smoky drift, party noise, etc.
    • Access to this space must be open from the street to a width of 5'6" (66"). If there is a narrower gate, steps or other impediments, you or a friend capable of lifting about 100 lbs will need to be present at delivery and pickup times to help move the tub safely. There is no way to get a tub through a passage narrower than 34".
    • Our really long waiver, signed by you, indicating that you understand and accept full responsibility for all the hazards that open flames and almost one ton of hot water can present, especially combined with common party behaviors among adults, children, pets, etc. Your responsibility extends to the public if you site the tub in a public place such as a park, street party, cyclocross race, communal water-birth-athon, mass baptism, etc. You're also responsible for any damage to the tub while in your possession. And to clean it when done; we'll return your cleaning deposit upon return of the clean tub.

    Since there is a learning curve getting the tub up to temperature in good time, you can arrange to have the tubbist stay as long as necessary to fill the tub, start and tend the fire, and otherwise assure that your event is care-free. This time will be billed at $75/hr. Depending on source water and ambient temperature, it takes 2-5 hours from strike of the match to get the tub full and hot, with fire tending and stirring required every 20 minutes or so.

    If you want the tub outside the delivery area, you must transport it in a truck with suitable lashing and scratch protection. A tubbist will coordinate pickup and dropoff of the tub, helping you lift it into your truck, load wood and accessories, etc., but will not provide on-site support unless by special arrangement at $75/hr.

    Email or call us to book with your desired dates and address. Program starts 1 March. We'll connect you with an available tubbist to work out details and billing.

    * Tubbists are Clever Cycles staff who take the lane to deliver these expensive oversize items safely by bicycle in Portland. Sorry, our insurance won't cover civilians biking the tubs home. Yet. Tubbists have demonstrated competence in heating the tubs quickly, solving many common beginner problems. Some tubbists can cook. Some look good in bathing suits; others bathe fully clothed.

  • Selling the 2012 rental fleet

    It's becoming a tradition that we sell our rental bike fleet each November, the only time we sell used bikes. We select our rental bikes for toughness, so after only a year of use, they're merely broken in instead of worn out. It's a rare opportunity to acquire Bromptons, WorkCycles, and other distinctive bikes, all completely equipped with generator lighting, fenders, racks, stands etc., at well under retail.

    The fleet goes on sale Friday, Black, at 11am. First come, first serve. Local sales only; you must ride to decide. If that doesn't whip you all into a frenzy of craven holiday commerce, we'll note that we still have several Surly, Breezer, and Electra bikes marked down 20-30% from October's sale. Select raingear: still 30% off.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Portland. We're thankful to you for our best business year in five, and to powers unknown for this gentle descent into Winter.

  • Best Urban Bike Shop in the US? is having a sale!

    In 2010, our 4th year in business, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News named us a "Top 100" US bike shop. We put the sticker in a window. This year, they named us Best Urban Bike Shop in the United States. Wow! We'll try not to let it go to our heads. They'll come do a photo shoot soon, then presumably run a story. We are honored by this recognition from our peers, but the truth is we feel as much like industry outsiders as the day we opened. Our daily motivation comes from working with customers, connecting them to the products that so many bike shops seem to think nobody wants.

    You deserve this award just as much as we do, so we're celebrating with a STOREWIDE SALE! Actually, it's just an excuse to thin our inventory as we enter the slower seasons. Anyway, save up to 40% on bikes, clothing & accessories, as follows. In stock items only, 22-28 October:

    40% off    Electra adult bikes, Nantucket baskets both wire & wicker
    30% off    Breezer Uptown Infinity, Surly Troll, select Showers Pass raingear, kid's raingear
    20% off    Surly Cross Check, Disk Trucker, Big Dummy, Moonlander! Breezer Uptown 8, Brooks, all battery lights, bags and baskets
    10% off    Everything* else, including Linus, Tern, WorkCycles, Electra kid bikes, balance bikes, all helmets, raingear, tires, tubes, pumps, dynamo lighting, etc.
    *0% off    Brompton bicycles (a steal at full price; accessories are 10% off), Kinn bicycles (in case we receive first stock during the sale!)

    We'd love to hear how we can become better at what we do. Whether you have a product suggestion, a service idea, or another location wish, please contact us: we'll listen. We used to be able to say that we personally owned and used almost every major product we stocked, but we've grown past that. We still ride every day and have our opinions, but more and more we depend on your experiences and feedback to guide us forward. Thank you!

    Sale prices are not to be combined with any other discounts.

  • Fiets of Parenthood 2012

    How many people can you carry on your bike and still complete a challenging obstacle course? In 2010, the first year of the Fiets of Parenthood family cargo bike race, North Portland dad Travis Wittwer impressed spectators as he carried his three sons and his partner Ruhiyyih on their long-tail cargo bike. The following year, SE Portland mom Emily Finch rocked the assembled crowd by carrying her six children in, and trailing behind, a front-loading box bike. This year, more feats of parental prowess are expected with an event lineup including a family bike obstacle course, kid’s races, a bike-centric haiku competition, food vendors, and more. And don’t worry: if you want to show off carrying more children than you have, borrowed offspring are allowed.

    The event will take place outside Clever Cycles, located at the corner of SE 9th Ave and SE Hawthorne St, on Sunday, September 16, 2012, from noon to 4 pm. We're closing down an additional street to car traffic this year to make room for an even longer course. And what’s the point of these parental displays of strength? Event organizers want to demonstrate what cargo bikes can do when it comes to hauling families. They want to share knowledge with each other and with kid-carrying novices. And they want to determine, for the third year, which child-toting mom or dad is the mightiest.

    In past years, participants have traveled from Tacoma, Bellingham, Seattle, and Eugene to compete and socialize; we hope for a similar turnout this year.

    Attendees should plan for outdoor fun in typical Portland fall weather: it should be hot, unless it rains. There will be on-site areas for diaper changes and nursing mothers, along with bathrooms, food vendors, shade/rain tents, and water. Activities and race registration start at noon, races and competitions begin at 1 pm, and prizes will be awarded. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

    More info? See the Facebook Event page.

  • Long, wide, wet, Surly

    Happy Spring! Did you know that we're now open until 8 on Thursdays? Starting today? This is the "long" part of the title. We tried this once before and nobody came. Now it feels different; good people who've scratched at the glass after we close at the normal hour of 6: let's try this again!

    As noted pathetically above, the product listing functionality of our site has been broken for some time, so until we finish the fix in a permanent way (basically an all-new site), we're simply going to tell you about new and upcoming products, long form.

    This post mostly reproduces the contents of our most recent email newsletter. Are you on it?


    We've been a fan of Surly bikes for a long time, but until now we've stocked only their Big Dummy longtail. Over the last years, we've found ourselves constantly sending customers elsewhere for other Surly models when we realized that they would best meet their needs. UntitledWe are proud to announce that Clever Cycles is now a top tier Intergalactic Surly dealer with all the bikes listed here in stock, ready to test ride.

    We think a Surly may the perfect bike for Portlanders who enjoy a sportier ride than supported by most of our upright, purpose-built city bikes. They don't break the bank, but they don't cut important corners, either. Their designs are simultaneously very conservative in not fixing what was never broken (fat tires instead of mechanical suspension? friction shifters? steel steel and more steel? yes!), but innovative where meaningful; there's a lot more bold engineering in many models than coming from larger companies that would never use the F-word on their websites.

    Unlike most of what we've stocked in the past, Surly bikes ship with drop or straight bars, exposed everything, and no kickstands, racks or fenders. Some people actually ride them this way, and it's all good, but we can civilize your feral factory-built Surly by substituting swept bars, Brooks saddles, and adding fenders, racks, kickstands and dynamo lighting to make a beautifully functional, durable and comfortable town bike. Further domestication services include chain guards and a bell, or even a built-in ring lock! At this fangless extremity all parties might prefer that the Surly decals come off; be proud of your headbadge.

    Surly Cross Check as a daily commuter

    The Cross Check frame can be built up with gears internal or external, or as a singlespeed or fixed-gear. You can ride it on road or off. It's got lots of space for fat tires and for fenders. It does as good a job getting you across the country as across town.


    moonlander has landered Big tires, run at low pressures, get you over terrain that is difficult or impossible to ride on a 'regular' bike, such as deep snow, sand, or the powdery, meteor-pocked surface of the moon. While not exactly the perfect city bike, it makes a great window display and is a blast to ride. The Surly crew lives what they sell. Check out this 135 mile race in the most extreme temperatures. We have one of these in stock right now.

    The Troll: most versatile ever?

    The Troll frame features Surly-engineered horizontal rear-entry dropouts with a derailleur hanger, disc caliper mounting slots, plus rack and fender bosses. There's a dedicated area for anchoring a Rohloff hub OEM2 axle plate, and includes threaded M10 x 1mm holes for installing Surly trailer-mounting nuts or B.O.B. Nutz. The dropout design allows the simultaneous use of a rack, fender and disc brake. Canti pivots, too. Options, options, options. All dropout geekery aside, the Troll's huge fun to ride.

    Big Dummy

    We've stocked the Big Dummy longtail for as long as it's existed, and tested a prototype before that. Based on Xtracycle's seminal hitchless trailer concept, capable of bearing 2 children and 6 bags of groceries at the same time, light enough to carry up steps without hernia risk, finely made and fit with quality components throughout, Big Dummy still sets the longtail standard.

    Long Haul Trucker, now with disc brakes

    It's a tool designed to help you get lost and find yourself. The Long Haul Trucker enjoys a reputation as one of the best riding and most value-packed touring bikes out there. Of course, you can commute on it, too: one bike for every week of the year, work and play. Now available with disc brakes!

    The wet and wide part: Dutchtub

    Our next container from the Netherlands will include (along with more Cargobikes!) a couple Dutchtubs, which we will make available for rent. These are portable wood-fired spas with seating for four. Why? Because they can be towed by bike! We think water, fire and bikes are already key parts of living well in Portland; we love how the Dutchtub ties together all three in a virtuous spiral, "sober and decadent at the same time." As its creators say "it's a way of engaging in your environment (wherever you are) and upgrading your possibilities within public or private space." Sounds like a bike! Go ahead, book one for your next bike-based water birth. O, and there's a wok for the top of the fire ring.

    They weigh a bit over 150 pounds empty. We'll have a trailer and accessories to allow a Dutchtub to get under most any downspout in Portland by bike within an hour. You pedal. Give us a couple months to get all this ready, but start dreaming now.

    Join us for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance Alice Awards

    Come with your friends and enjoy an evening of cocktails and dinner while you bid on a wide array of fun and exciting auction items. Together, we will honor the 2012 Alice Award winners for outstanding bicycle achievements in Oregon. We invite you to help us envision the future of bicycling in Oregon by attending the event on May 5. Purchase tickets online.

  • Up to 50% off Breezer clearance

    Breezer city bikes have always stood out among our offerings as great valuesbreezer, bringing premium European city bike feature sets to the lighter, sportier feeling frames Americans are accustomed to. They've been selected as Bicycling Magazine's Editor's Choice among commuter bikes several years in a row. They've always been popular, but this year we just ordered way too many of the diamond ("men's") frames, and we need to make room for 2012's arrivals.

    All Breezer diamond-frame bikes in stock are now 33% off. This includes the super-nice Infinity model, equipped with the seductive Nuvinci N360 continuously variable transmission, as well as the classic Uptown 8 and fast Finesse. All but the Finesse make great Xtracycle conversions, too.

    What's more, we're downsizing our rental fleet for the Winter by selling most of the Breezers in it at 50% off the new price! This includes some step-through models. Breezers make up the majority of our rental fleet for the same reasons they make great commuters, particularly in the wet months (hint!): overall toughness, enclosed drivetrains mean virtually no maintenance, great dynamo-powered LED lighting front and rear, full fenders and rack, even a built-in lock.

    • Breezer Uptown 8, ex-rental: was $1039, now $520.

    Act fast for widest selection of sizes and models. Not to be combined with other offers.

  • Happy hour with music from Revolver, Tuesday, 27 September 4:45pm

    Please help us kick off our first Tuesday happy hour by welcoming the band Revolver to Portland! All the way from Paris, the band will be at performing at Clever Cycles before heading over to Mississippi Studios for their show later in the evening. All ages are welcome! We’ll have refreshments for adults as well as the kids. This is a show not to be missed.

    Revolver’s music is a bridge between pop and classical music, with a bit of Renaissance and Baroque thrown in. Influences range from Beatles to Bach, Neil Young, Radiohead, Simon & Garfunkel, The Kinks… You’ll like these guys. Check out some of their stuff on YouTube and then come see the show on Tuesday.

    Don’t be late; they won’t be here for long!

    What’s happy hour at Clever Cycles? Between 4 and 6 on Happy Hour days, we mark down certain products or categories. Rain gear or lights, for example. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive details on the day they’ll apply.

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