A huge part of your riding comfort is dependent on your saddle. The shape, material, condition, height, angle, and position all have an impact on whether your ride will be comfortable and enjoyable, or unpleasant and painful. Obviously, if cycling is a painful experience, you won’t do it, at least not for long. You may turn to other forms of transportation that don’t come with the inherent benefits of cycling. You lose out on the exercise, the fresh air, the cost savings, the feeling of engagement with your city and with nature that comes from time spent on your bike. Hyperbolically speaking, the wrong saddle, or a saddle that isn’t set up correctly could ruin your life and destroy the entire world.

At Clever Cycles we stock Brooks saddles almost exclusively. Year after year, people who spend hours a day for weeks at a time on their bikes reiterate that Brooks saddles are the most comfortable saddles you can put on your bike.

There are many shapes and sizes of saddles. Which is the right one for you? Generally, a wider saddle is best on bikes that put the rider into an upright position. Most bikes with a deep step-through frame, like the Linus Dutchi, do well with a wide saddle, like the Brooks B67. A traditional diamond frame commuter bike or touring bike is often best paired with something a bit narrower, like the B17. For more aggressive riding positions, a longer, narrower saddle, like the Brooks Swallow is more appropriate. Most Brooks saddles come in various colors – click on each style to see what variations are currently available.

We offer a one year happiness guarantee on all Brooks saddles. If you don't like your Brooks saddle for any reason, return it and we'll offer a refund for 30 days, and store credit for a full year!