We rent Brompton folding bikes, premium city bikes, Family/Cargo bikes, and also wood-fired hot tubs delivered by bike. Bikes come complete with lights, locks, fenders, stands, ample luggage and child-carriage options, loaner helmets, etc. We cannot accommodate sporting features such as hydration systems, clipless pedals, heart rate monitors, etc. Bells are mandatory, no exceptions.

  • Our city bikes are luxurious, comfortable, tough creatures, good for year-round city touring and utility, night and day.
  • Brompton folders are great for general urban utility, in and out of transit or rental cars, restaurants, and into your room for the night. They offer a sportier ride than many expect. You can even take them aboard planes for adventures further afield.
  • Family and Cargo bikes are great for ... families and cargo!


City or Brompton folding bike Family/Cargo bike Brompton travel case or child seat
Same-day return $30 $45 $15
2nd-day return $45 $70 $22
3rd-day return $60 $90 $30
4th-day return $75 $112 $36
1 week $125 $154 $49
2 weeks $200 $280 $70

There is a $30 reservation fee that will be applied to your rental balance, refundable if you notify us of cancelation 48 hours in advance. Late returns, unless you extend reservation, are billed at twice the normal rate.

Call us with your credit card number to check availability and book.

We strive to keep our rental fleet representative of bikes we sell, both in specification and condition. We don’t rent junk. If you buy a new bike like one you’ve rented within one week of return, we will apply the rental fee (up to the weekly rate for a single bike) toward the purchase of the bike.