Expert mechanics service what we sell in our four-stand workshop, and also offer general tune-ups, repair, and consultation on all kinds of bicycles. We specialize in modern internal hub gearing, generator lighting, and modifications for greater comfort and utility.

Please bring us your bike as a first step; no appointment is necessary. We'll inspect it to recommend specific services or parts, and schedule a time to perform the work. The menu below lists labor rates for common services, not including parts. Quotations are not final before we physically inspect your bike.

We will ask you to leave your bike with us until the next available appointment. This can be anywhere from hours to weeks away, all depending on the nature of the work and the highly mysterious forces that govern bike shop service loads. Drop-in and while-you-wait work happens sometimes for minor jobs, but it's never wise to count on it, especially in dryer months. If you can't leave your bike until the scheduled time, return the day of the appointment. If you ride here, we can often loan you one of our rental bikes until yours is ready, free of charge (subject to availability).

We never schedule mechanical work on weekends, when all hands turn to sales support. We do not charge labor to install accessories on bikes if purchased at the same time that you purchase your bicycle.

  • Drivetrain

    Align derailleur hanger
    Sometimes your derailleur hanger gets bent. We'll put it back where it belongs.
    Clean and re-oil Rohloff hub, loctite drain cap
    Give your Rohloff hub some loving. All 14 speeds will thank you. Recommended every 5000km.
    Bottom bracket bearing adjustment (with crank removal)
    Mysterious creaking? You might need your bottom bracket tightened.
    Install or replace sealed bottom bracket
    We'll pull the crunchy old one, grease up a smooth rolling new one and get you back on the road.
    Overhaul internal hub (wheel off bike)
    Our specialty.
    Overhaul internal hub (wheel on bike)
    Our specialty.
    Overhaul bottom bracket
    Serviceable bottom brackets need occasional servicing. Go figure.
    Remove and replace crank arm
    Either the pedal threading is stripped, or you pedaled through that corner a little too aggresively. Either way, a new crankarm is in order.
    Replace or repair chain
    Chains need to be replaced every so often, stop in to see if you need a new one.
    Replace and adjust front or rear derailleur
    New stuff that works better. Yes, please.
    Clean drive train (includes gear adjustmet)
    This is especially helpful after a long winter. Includes complete removal, cleaning and adjustment of chain, crank set, front and rear derailleurs, and cassette.
    Remove or replace freewheel or cassette
    Replace those worn nubs with a new set of your choice. Parts additional.