Brompton bicycles

What is a Brompton folding bicycle?
Bromptons are the iconic folding bikes made in England. Known for their small, efficient folding style, high quality components, and customizability, Bromptons are our first choice for folding bikes.

Why would I get a Brompton?
Brompton folding bikes are fantastic bikes for everyday commuters, regular riders, and travelers. Brompton's small folding size make them the ideal choice for commuters who have public transit as part of their commute. The Brompton can be ridden to the station, folded up in a few quick motions, and carried on to buses, trains, trams, or subways, all without fuss or muss. The thoughtful design of the Brompton bike means that you can fold the bike down without getting clothes or hands dirty, leaving you looking professional when you arrive at your final destination.
The specialized gearing and small wheel size means that more of your pedaling power converts to forward motion, which means you'll hold your own in the daily rush of traffic without overheating.
And of course, the high build quality of the bikes means they can take the knocks that life dishes out and keep rolling. The beautifully engineered folding method keeps all the delicate parts safely protected by the bike frame when folded down, and the steel frame is built to outlast the monarchy.

What do I need if I get a Brompton?
Bromptons are great because you don't need anything special before you get one. Bromptons are designed to be worn with regular street clothes and any shoes you normally wear. We've seen Bromptons being ridden in everything from spandex bike gear to full dress attire, complete with cufflinks and heels. You don't even need a bike rack for your car since the Brompton folds small enough to fit into spaces as little as a Car2Go trunk (fits 2!).
What brands does Clever Cycles carry?
We carry Brompton folding bikes, as well as Tern folding bicycles.

What accessories enhance my Brompton?
When you order your Brompton, one of our knowledgeable staff members will help walk you through your customizable options, from pedal powered lighting (dynamo generator) to ergonomic grips. You don't have to know anything in advance, we'll make sure you know what your options are and why you may (or may not) want it. You can accessorize, either when you order or at any point in the future, with bags, bottle cages, grips, or anything else you can imagine.
Our Brompton specialists will make sure that any accessories you choose won't interfere with the compact folding, so you can continue to enjoy the perks of the small folding size.

    Some of our favorite accessories are:
  • Two Fish bottle cage
  • Brompton Game Bag
  • Ergon grips
  • Carradice Barley saddlebag
  • Brooks D-shaped bag (fits quick release pedals or iPhone 6!)
  • MKS quick release pedals