What is a cargo bike? A cargo bike is any bike designed to carry large amounts of stuff. Cargo bikes come equipped with either extra long racks in the back or cargo boxes in the front. The frames are specially made to handle the extra weight, while retaining safe handling and ease of use. Why would I get a cargo bike? There are many reasons to get a cargo bike. If you are thinking about going car-free, a cargo bike will make this decision much easier. All of those trips that currently require a car can often be handled just as well on a cargo bike, such as large or unwieldy loads (e.g., bags of concrete, volleyball nets, basketballs, great danes) Or maybe you have a growing family and want to get outdoors more. Cargo bikes are perfect for taking the kids to school and running errands afterwards. Or getting your children away from illuminated screens and more engaged with the fascinating world around them. What do I need if I get a cargo bike? You don't need any specialized gear to ride a cargo bike. Cargo bikes, both longtail and front loaders, are designed to be ridden in regular street clothes, no spandex required! The upright riding posture of a cargo bike means that you'll be comfortable, whether you're wearing a dress, a suit, a catsuit, or baggies and huarache sandals too. What brands does Clever Cycles carry? We carry Workcycles, Xtracycle, Babboe, Kinn, Douze, Urban Arrow, Yuba. What accessories enhance my cargo bike? Front loader cargo bikes can be accessorized with rain tents or cushions. Longtail cargo bikes can have stoker bars added on, which helps kids get accustomed to riding posture and balance. There are numerous accessories that we love for our longtails, such as:

  • Magic Carpet cushions
  • stirrups
  • Yepp child seats
  • Xtracycle bags