What is a city bike? A city bicycle, European city bike or simply city-bike, is a bicycle designed for short, moderately paced rides through relatively flat urban areas. City bikes are common in biking hubs, like Amsterdam and London, and are designed to be stylish and practical. One of the best features of a city bikes is the upright riding posture, which makes it easier to bike in normal street clothes in any weather conditions. A number of different bikes fall under the category of a city bike. Some common bike types include: roadsters, commuters, or, if you're in Amsterdam, "Stadtfiets." Don't be intimidated – these are all city bikes, literally in some cases! Sometimes they are referred to as utility bicycles, although this term can also refer to cargo bikes. City bikes are designed to prioritize comfort over speed. They usually have between 3-8 speeds, wider tires than a road bike, and swept-back or mustache style handlebars. Other component options can include internal hub gears, disc brakes, dynamo lighting systems, hand-tooled leather saddles, fenders or leather grips. Why would I get a city bike? City bikes are a great choice for commuting to work or riding for fun. City bikes often come with rear racks already installed, and they are perfect for adding a front basket or stylish panniers, making it a breeze to run errands. Breezer and Linus bicycles are great choices for riding to pick up groceries or as an alternative to driving for a night out. Stylish step-through bike frames make great impressions when riding up for a meeting! What brands does Clever Cycles carry? Clever Cycles carries a number of city bike brands: Linus, Breezer, Handsome, Simcoe, Vanmoof, and WorkCycles, to name a few. What do I need if I get a city bike? One of the great things about a city bike, like a Handsome or Linus, is they are designed to be ridden in regular clothes and shoes, from sundresses to tuxedos. You will want to get a lock and a helmet. What accessories enhance my city bike? You can customize your city bike with ergonomic grips, dynamo lighting systems, panniers and baskets. You can switch out your bike saddle, add saddlebags, or even add streamers to your handlebars.