BionX electric assist kits are among the most refined and best supported on the market, with an unmatched long-term record of continuous innovation, not to mention solvency. Yes, I went there: the electric bike field is thick with the bodies of failed products and companies, who rushed products to market without either adequate engineering, financial backing, or both. People who own these products are mostly out of luck when stuff breaks or wears out. BionX is different, protecting your investment for the long term.

Silent, smooth, and cleanly packaged, BionX kits are ideal for longer range or higher speed commuting, even in hills. For heavy cargo applications, they work best if the hills are not too sharp or long, but building the motors into smaller wheels can help.

  • Proportional assist

    bionx electric assist

    Four levels that work seamlessly with you, offering a safe, natural-feeling ride.

  • Regenerative braking

    Bionx Regenerative Braking

    Spare brake wear on descents and recharge the battery (a little bit, anyway) as you ride.

  • Noise & vibration free

    Bionx silent electric assist

    Noise and vibration free motor, so your bike stays a bike and you can enjoy your ride.

  • Long range

    bionx long range

    Commute with confidence. Not only do the batteries provide long riding ranges, the lack of added resistance in normal pedaling means you can ride easily even past your powered range.

  • Lightweight

    bionx lightweight

    By keeping the systems as light as possible, your electric bike still feels like a bike.

  • Bike Types

    bionx bike type

    Easy retrofitting of almost all derailleur-ready bikes into e-bikes.