Cargo & family bikes

At only 8 miles on a side, Portland is small enough even for families with small children to get around entirely by bicycle. While many bikes can accommodate a single child seat or haul a trailer, more than one kid plus groceries, perhaps in the rain, calls for a purpose-built cargo bike. Add steep hills or longer distances to the mix and you may want to ask us about electric assist. Our staff has been riding, researching, and even designing cargo bikes since well before opening shop in 2007. We're proud to offer perhaps the largest selection available anywhere, certainly in Portland.

Cargo bikes we carry


douze cargo bike, childFast, friendly front-loaders from France, Douze cargo bikes look, feel, and ride like modern high-performance recreational bikes. Relatively light, absolutely stylish and tough, their novel quad-cable steering mechanism provides stable, consistent, precise handling at both low and high speeds: long an elusive goal for designers of bikes in this format. They also split into 2 parts for easy transport. Powerful electric assist options? Yes. Having heard from dozens of test riders of both, Douze bikes compare favorably in performance, value, and sporty appeal to the popular Bullitt cargo bikes.

Urban Arrow

urban arrow cargo bike, family Urban Arrow bikes combine the bolt-upright comfort, plain-clothes-friendliness, and completely weather-sealed functionality of traditional Dutch city bikes with high modern Dutch design and best-in-class electric assist from Bosch. True urban car replacements for 2-4 people (in a pinch) no matter the weather or your choice of clothes, Urban Arrow's modular front section design preserves your investment as your needs evolve over time.


WorkCycles Kr8 bakfiets cargo bike WorkCycles provides probably our most distinctive utility bikes, straight from the heart of the most evolved bicycle culture on the planet: Amsterdam. Unapologetically heavy by American, and heavy-duty even by Dutch standards, these are tough, capable, comfortable rides ideal for indefinite outdoor storage.


xtracycle cargo bike Xtracycle's family-friendly cargo bike products have had an incalculable positive influence in our lives. Clever Cycles would not exist if not for this influence. In less than a year from opening, Clever Cycles was selling more Xtracycles than any other shop. Xtracycles are thick on the ground in Portland now, no longer magical unicorns. We couldn't be more proud. The present Xtracycle Edgerunner family with low rear deck handles amazingly with light and heavy loads.


yuba cargo bike, spicy curry kids Yuba cargo bikes have long been a bang-for-buck winner with heavier loads, but recent years have seen a burst of lighter, more versatile offerings with impressive attention to detail.


surly big dummy cargo bike Surly cargo bikes were the original one-piece longtail cargo bike, picking up where Xtracycle left off with their original conversion kit in 2006. The Big Dummy appeals in style and ergonomics to people with a mountain biking past or present, just as comfortable hauling chain saws as kids, or maybe even a little bit more.


Babboe cargo bikeBabboe, a Dutch company, began making affordable, classically styled cargo bikes and trikes in 2007, the year of our opening. Their tough "Big" trike is the value leader for hauling 4 kids or heavy equipment in the flattish places trikes work.

Cargo bikes available (in stock & special order)