douze cargo bike, three sizes

Easy release, modular frame means that this cargo bike is going places. Need to drive somewhere? Separate the components, store in the trunk, and reassemble when you arrive at your location.

douze cargo bike, three sizes

Douze cargo bikes look, feel, and ride like modern high-performance recreational bikes. Their novel quad-cable steering mechanism provides remarkably stable, consistent, precise handling at both low and high speeds: long an elusive goal for designers of bikes in this format. The cable steering also provides a much tighter turning radius than any other bike in its class, exceptionally easy to manage even walking alongside in tight spaces.

Douze bikes split into 2 parts, front and rear, very easily in under 5 minutes. douze cargo bike, three sizesThis makes transporting them in other vehicles not so challenging. It also means they ship more economically. But most of all, it means that we can mix and match front and rear ends freely to assemble just the bike you want. Prefer a step-through to a step-over frame? Both are available. There are long, standard, and short front ends, with a growing assortment of child seating and cargo carriage options for all.

douze cargo bike, three sizes

Electric assist? As you wish. Chain or belt drive? Either. Derailleur or internal hub gearing: uh-huh. Hydraulic disk brakes. Dynamo lighting. All these things are standard options available at modest prices, not special projects to be worked out over months in a flurry of quotations for custom work, or orphaning original parts.

Test rides are convincing, more than thousands of words. Ride on over with the kids or your sweetie or your dog or all three. Prices for fully-equipped Douzes start around $4,000, with premium electric assist models starting around $6,000. Please see the individual Douze cargo bike products below for pricing and availability. We would love to answer any questions that arise, so don't hesitate to contact us. Purchases over $3000 qualify for 12 months of zero-interest financing.

Douze cargo bikes (in stock & special order)