Urban Arrow

urban arrow cargo bike, family model

From Dutch designer Wytze van Mansum, Urban Arrow updates the classic cargo bike design for the modern world. Designed from the ground up -- combining well selected materials and components to create a safe, lightweight, low maintenance and comfortable cargo bike with stylish appeal. The mid-drive Bosch electric assist and Nuvinci continuously variable internal hub transmission makes a perfect combination, allowing riders to shift under load or while sitting stationary at a stop light. Nuvinci has proven itself as a durable, low maintenance, wide range gearing option that also allows a chaincase to be installed. The Urban Arrow's modular frame design allows different front frames to be attached so that one bike be adapted for multiple uses without the need to purchase an entirely new cargo bike. The step-through design allows riders to get on and off the bike with ease.

urban arrow cargo bike, cargo xxl model

The Urban Arrow family model features an expanded polypropylene box that has step-holes to allow kids to climb in by themselves. The box is lightweight, durable and provides an arm rest for passengers. The super stable kick-stand means the bike won't fall over while being loaded. Multiple accessories exist that make the Urban Arrow a complete solution, not a project. Urban Arrow has won the prestigious Eurobike Award in 2010 and of the ISPO Brand New Award in 2013. We invite you to take a test ride and see how a cargo bike might work into your life.

Urban Arrow cargo bike Photoshoot (en) from epe on Vimeo.

Please see the individual Urban Arrow products for pricing and availability. We would love to answer any questions that arise, so don't hesitate to contact us. Purchases over $3000 qualify for 12 months of zero-interest financing.

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