Yuba Spicy Curry cargo bike

Yuba bikes have long been a bang-for-buck winner with heavier loads. The flagship Mundo series of longtail cargo bikes have lost weight and gained refinement, offering great value in a burly yet friendly package now encompassing electric assist, dynamo lighting, and internal hub gearing options. The Boda Boda midtail is a much lighter, more versatile, even more accessible cargo bike with inimitable style. New for 2106 is the Spicy Curry electric cargo bike.

Do you have kids that love your Yuba? They can now have their own mini cargo bike! Yuba's Flip Flop balance bike for toddlers is sturdy and designed to grow with your kids.

  • Mundo's super stiff frame handles the heaviest loads with confidence.
  • Mundo's center stand is best-in-class, included in the base price.
  • One size fits most.
  • Boda Boda fits bus racks!
  • Loads of accessories to adapt for special purposes.