Introduced in 2014, Simcoe Classic and Signature series bikes represent an ambitious revival of the mid-20th-century North American town bike, with a heavy nod toward England's Raleigh imports of the same period. Designed in Toronto, these are what Jane Jacobs would ride, except she was known to go without fenders and a rack. Stylish, comfortable, and above all resilient, these are designed with decades of daily service in mind. Comparisons to our Linus bikes are inevitable: these are in the same vein but nicer in dozens of small ways, accordingly a bit more expensive.

  • 3, 7, or 8 speeds, usually internal
  • Brooks B68 saddles on Signature series, discontinued no more!
  • High-spec roller brakes on Signature 7sp models
  • Schwalbe tires
  • Lovely biplane fork crown, supple blades on Signature series
  • Exceptionally well-built and speced wheels
  • Almost complete chainguard.

2017 saw introduction of the Commuter series. Here's an excellent write-up from the design team: Introducing the Simcoe Commuter