Folding bikes

Amazingly versatile, folding bikes are the smartphones of the bike world. Their small strong wheels make them capable haulers and surprisingly quick off the line or uphill. Their tall seat posts make fitting to people of all sizes a snap, often bridging the child-adult divide. But mainly their ability to shrink rapidly to suitcase size means they come with you everywhere: onto planes and trains and busses, under the table at restaurants, into cars. This reduces risks of theft while increasing ride opportunities. Unfounded prejudices against small wheels and unfamiliarity mean that most people assume they ride badly; test rides clear this up resoundingly.

Bromptons outsell all our other bikes. Unbeatably compact folded size, tough, exceptional ride quality, loads of custom options available.

Terns start at half the cost of Bromptons, but with a larger folded size. Their larger wheels and exceptionally stiff frames mean they ride as well or even better than Bromptons: you have to test both to decide!

Explore our Brompton online configuration tool to create the best bike for you. We offer many more options and accessories than Brompton itself. When you're done, send us a message and we will contact you to discuss purchase options.

Why buy your folding bike from Clever Cycles?