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Brompton folding bike under desk

We have been passionate riders of Brompton folding bikes since 2001, and dealers since 2007. We try to keep close to a hundred of the most popular Brompton configurations in stock ready to ride. Not in Portland? We can ship an in stock Brompton within a day or two. All our Bromptons are professionally set up and packaged for safe transport to your location. If you would like to customize a Brompton beyond the modifications we can make to the bikes we have in stock, please see our Brompton Configurator to explore options and contact us with any questions.

  • Elegant, robust, tiny folded size fits interstitial life spaces, almost anywhere, even as carry-on luggage*
  • Great for commuting, touring, errands, fun
  • Adjust to fit wide range of people sizes and riding styles
  • Hand brazed to order in London; over 1 million variations
  • Proven tough enough for daily use for decades

* depends, but we do it often.

5 Reasons to buy a Brompton folding bike

  • 1. It will change the way you experience the city -- Let a Brompton take you anywhere - its flexibility allows you to get more out of the city, day and night. Free yourself from the confines of other forms of transport and take in the city around you. Need a change of scene? Just pop a Brompton on a plane, train or in the car to explore further afield.
  • 2. It’s easy to fold -- You can transform your bike into a neatly folded, easily carried package within a few seconds. Its small size means that it is welcomed on most public transport (even during peak times) and inside buildings for safe storing. Its clever design ensures that mucky parts are kept neatly out of the way. The bike can be picked up using the grip on the saddle or towed along effortlessly using the handlebars. Check out our how to fold a Brompton video to see how easy it is!
  • 3. It will pay for itself in a matter of months -- Save money, time and get fit. Use a Brompton to zip through traffic or as part of your commute to bring down costs and get fit at the same time. Brompton bikes aren't just for the daily commute though, many people use them to keep fit and explore the city and beyond. If you need any inspiration, check out three of these amazing journeys:
    Down the Pacific Coast by Brompton
    Bromptoneering the Blue & Wallowa Mountains
    Zen and the Art of Brompton Touring
  • 4. It’s built for your safety -- Brompton takes quality seriously, each bike is built by hand by a highly qualified team at the factory in London. The small wheels and responsive handling allow you to get a quick start from stationary and swiftly guide you around potholes and other road obstacles. The upright riding position allows the rider to be fully aware of the traffic around them. For riding at night a range of lighting options can be selected on the bike, from battery powered to hub-dynamos to ensure you are seen.
  • 5. Less chance of getting stolen -- Bike theft is on the rise, however you can simply take your Brompton with you. At work, home or out and about due to its compact size the Brompton is welcomed at most places and venues. You won't have the worry of leaving your bike locked up outside and the hassle of replacing a bike. If you purchase a Brompton make sure you register your bike on for an additional layer of security.

In stock Brompton folding bikes