Stock Brompton

Brompton folding bike under desk

We have been passionate riders of Brompton folding bikes since 2001, and dealers since 2007. We try to keep close to a hundred of the most popular Brompton configurations in stock ready to ride. Not in Portland? We can ship an in stock Brompton within a day or two. All our Bromptons are professionally set up and packaged for safe transport to you. If you would like to customize a Brompton beyond the modifications we can make to the bikes we have in stock, please see our Brompton Configurator to explore options and contact us with any questions.

  • Elegant, robust, tiny folded size fits interstitial life spaces, almost anywhere, even as carry-on luggage*
  • Great for commuting, touring, errands, fun
  • Adjust to fit wide range of people sizes and riding styles
  • Hand brazed to order in London; over 1 million variations
  • Proven tough enough for daily use for decades

* depends, but we do it often.

In stock Brompton folding bikes

The first thing to know about our stock listing is that we can and do modify bikes to suit you. We often order bikes configured a certain way with the intention of removing parts to balance our parts stock. So, for instance, just because a bike appears here with a Brooks saddle and a telescopic seatpost, doesn't mean you can't get it with a plastic saddle and a standard post, with the price adjusted downward. The next thing to know is that our stock changes continually. If you don't see what you're looking for today, it might appear tomorrow or next week. Please contact us with your requirements.