Used bikes

Want to sell or trade-in your used bike? You can find more information here. Interested in purchasing a used bike? Read on.

Brompton folding bikes

Pining after a Brompton, but can't swallow the cost? Because Brompton folding bikes hold their value so well (people love them and never want to give them up!) finding a deal on a used one can prove difficult. Every so often we'll have a customer who wants to upgrade to the latest model, or may have had a particular use for the bike that no longer exists. Their loss is your gain! Bromptons make great used bikes as they are fully serviceable and older models are fully compatible with new accessories.

Cargo bikes

Looking to carry kids and groceries? Expecting a(nother) child and still want to bike for transportation? If you're looking to carry stuff and/or kids on a budget, then a used cargo bike might be just the thing. We've seen countless bakfiets and longtails passed between families in the decade we've been in business. It warms our hearts to see these bikes continuing their useful lives. Whether purchasing new or used, the cost defrayed over time is always cheaper than a minivan.

Kid's bikes

Kids grow up fast, so unless a bike is going to be handed down over multiple siblings, a used bike might be the best value.

All the used bikes we sell have been thoroughly tuned, include a 30 day warranty, and are ready to test ride. We do not ship used bikes. If you are interested in selling or trading in your bike, please read this before bringing your bike to the shop.