So I’ve developed a product, and am starting a company to bring it to market. I have a patent pending, and my first inventory is now coming together. I plan to capture and share here many of the thoughts about this endeavor that seem to fit nowhere else, or not yet. There’s not a hard line between this and other parts of my life (gladly) so you get to read every other fool thing that enters my head, too.

The product, called Stokemonkey, is an electric motor assist kit that works with Xtracycle’s product to turn most bicycles into much more capable vehicles, comparable in utility to small cars for trips under 50 miles or so, while retaining most of the good things about bicycles. The idea came to me early in 2003, and getting it right has been my growing occupation apart from tending my toddler son over most of this time.

I designed the product to meet my family’s desire to continue using bicycles for nearly all our transportation needs, first in hilly San Francisco, and now in Portland, Oregon, even into life stages that few people in the United States enter freely without owning one or more cars. It works so well that I can’t help believing it has a market. Famous last words, right? Not yet!

Blogging seems like a good way to find my public voice about this, as I am overwhelmed sometimes with the sheer volume of notes I make to myself. Come back if you like entrepreneurial stories, utility bicycling, car-free parenting, and musings light and dark on themes somehow tangentially related.

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