Stanley is a wimp

Several months ago I began filtering Google News regularly for “bicycle.” It has been a dismaying experience. Unless George Bush is falling off of one, only the most picayune press has anything to say about bicycles. It’s usually about bicyclists who die when they somehow come into contact with cars, the problem of bicyclists on roadways, criminals on bicycles, and ipso facto weirdos who ride for transportation, even in the rain, by choice. Keep your doors and windows locked, folks: “Donââ?¬â?¢t be alarmed by the sight of police officers riding around neighborhoods on bicycles. …The patrols will be rotated and not assigned to officers. In fact, according to Morris Irvin, assistant police chief, the officers volunteer for bicycle patrol.” So you see, I’m pretty jaded. But today, this editorial made me shake my head for several minutes. On reflection, I suspect the reporter didn’t compose the headline or subheading, but still.

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