Starting here, starting now

Read this. I have been reading about such plans for decades (I read Ecotopia as a child), but have always regarded them as essentially impossible. Meanwhile, I don’t have any better visions for a post-oil society, and I admire the courage of those who don’t let the height of the mountain prevent them from starting to climb.

I’m going to attend Dana’s meeting to establish a Carless Zone here in Portland this Friday. I wrote with a bunch of preliminary doubting questions, and got as good a reply as I could expect. Join us?

Along similar lines, the larger Portland area has a growing Oil Awareness group with regular meetings. I have yet to attend one, but that could change.

2 thoughts on “Starting here, starting now”

  • Jim

    I have a link to the “Free State Project” on my site. The Free Staters have decided to move en masse to New Hampshire to democratically take over a state as an experiment in their libertarian philosophy. Maybe there should be a “green state project”. A bunch of bicyclists could unite to take over a small state (population-wise) to convert it to a shining example for the 21st century, including car-free cities, etc.

  • nathan

    Good thought, Jim. Though it sure seems like Portland has already become the de facto center for this kind of thing.

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