I came across two disturbingly amusing short films online yesterday. If you have a fast connection and some time to kill, check out the 1956 oil propaganda piece Destination Earth. Stunning.
twin pillars smell the fumes

Next up is 1963′s probably weirdest bicycle safety film, One Got Fat. Here at Cleverchimp, we take issue with the portrayal of lower primates on bicycles as casualties in waiting, and in particular with the injunction against riding with passengers.
peloton steamroller

2 thoughts on “Amusements”

  • Paul

    It’s a good thing the martian in “Destination Earth” had his space bubble to supply his air. All that old fashioned, oil based smog might have changed his report back to Stalin, err the Almighty Ogg.

    I really enjoyed “One Got Fat,” for some reason. Mostly because Edward Everett Norton was narrator, just like in “Fractured Fairy Tales.” I also got a kick out of the bikes that had ape hanger handlebars with monkeys riding them. Yes, I know I am easily amused.

  • Planet Bike of the Apes

    Download this 15-minute film from the Internet Archive and play it at your next bike advocacy meeting. I howled with laughter while watching it; my two young children, meanwhile, sat transfixed as the little monkeys all disappeared one by one.

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