Go Brommie!

I wrote previously, in passing, of my happiness with the Brompton folding bicycle. I enjoyed reading this story about the inventor Andrew Ritchie’s long journey to success.

They’ve just come out with a version loaded with titanium bits and other premium features for $2100. I can dream, can’t I?

“Go Brommie!” is what I shout reflexively to anybody I see riding one.

One thought on “Go Brommie!”

  • Bill Manewal

    This brings back memories of a free stainless steel (!) Hon 3 speed folder that a now defunct BART program gave me for 12 months just by showing my ID. After the time was up I could buy it or turn it back in. Used to ride Cal Train to all the towns on the Peninsula, disembark and then ride to work.

    Much later I bought a Dahon Alumnium 21-speed folder and, aside from using it on BART and CalTrain, I keep it in my van for backup transport on cross-country trips. I also use it to get back and forth to mechanic’s shops when van, motorcycle, or Stokemonkey needs work.

    The interesting story of this bike is here:


    And the current models are here:


    Always dreamed of a Brompton, but just couldn’t quite get over the price difference!

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