2,005 words

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  • George

    Nice. Vurrrrry nice.

  • Tom

    Nice! Where is the battery located? It would be great to make this battery available to “light oneself up” when one wanted to be noticed.

  • Todd

    the batteries go in the cargo area, as mentioned previously. do you mean lighting or just visual conspicuity? the problem with using the main pack for lighting is that voltage conversion is inefficient and not really cost effective compared to using a dedicated battery.

  • Bill Manewal

    I found a 30-watt 36V-to-12V DC-DC converter for $54 that is 81% efficient.

    I run two 10 watt halogen bulbs plus a 12V strobe tail light and my meter shows a power consumption of 26 watts, 2 watts of which is the controller. I find this to be efficient enough to not worry about charging a separate battery. I guesstimate that it cuts my range by 10% or so.

    The converter is here:


    Caution: I first tried a $20 surplus converter that worked fine until input voltage dropped below 34.5 and then it cut off. The above cited converter accepts inputs from 18V to 72V.

  • Paul

    Clever title for this one. 2×100+5=2005 :-p At first I thought you were doing a recap of the year to date.

    Glad to see a close up of the mounting bracket. Maybe it has been shown before, but it is much clearer to me now.

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