My three-year old son plays with my bike lights, and tends to leave them on, wearing the batteries down. Today, in the yard under blazing sun, he pulled my rear blinkie out from his pocket. It was on. I took it from him, switched it off, and told him firmly that it was not safe to play with my lights, that they are only for riding at night, that it would be dangerous if they didn’t work when we needed them, and so on. Then I continued to show him how to light things on fire with a magnifying glass.

8 thoughts on “Consistency”

  • Paul

    You are a good dad. If you show him how to put the flames out afterward, you are a GREAT dad.

  • dad

    shades of your childhood in diamond bar?

  • mom

    I STILL haven’t figured out whether you guys used matches for that fire or not! Yes, teaching him how to put
    OUT the fire is a good idea. And you are a good Dad.

  • Scott

    Ahhh, shades of many burned things:

    Lawn Furniture

    Childhood, Fire, Pyromania, Arson… my eyes flood with sweet tears of almost-forgotten memories.


  • vj

    Wow, the bike world is so small. Scott, update your blog! I want to know how you unleased your mighty wrath!

    Todd, found you via Portland Transport. I wish my dad had taught me to catch things on fire. I like the idea of the stokemonkey — brilliant. I’ll add myself to the mailing list, but I’m looking forward to learning more.

  • Ian Hopper

    Todd, did you really grow up in Diamond Bar CA? How odd that would be, as several of my most memorable friends from summer camp when I was a juvenile were from Diamond Bar. Danny and Lori Sobelia (I think that’s the correct spelling of their last name) ring a bell?

  • Todd

    Never heard of them, Ian, but yes, I did spend most of my larval stage in the triple armpit of LA, Orange, and San Bernardino counties that is Diamond Bar.

  • Erik Sandblom

    My Dad thinks it’s bad to fry ants with a sun and magnifying glass, but it’s okay to slaughter pigs and eat them.

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