Rigging elections

First things first: don your shades, top off on any anti-seizure meds you may be taking, and click on over to MTVs web site. There amid the animated ads and Flash navigation is a poll. Select any option other than Kipchoge (kip-CHO-gee, not “Kip”), and click “vote.” Again, do not vote for Kipchoge. Then come back here. Got it? Here’s the link.

Kipchoge presides over Xtracycle, which he founded in 1998 with the inventor Ross Evans. Kipchoge is engaged in an epic struggle with other contestants to be famous and, more importantly, show the MTV-watching masses how Xtracycles, and possibly even a Stokemonkey or two, enable a car-free way of life without giving up anything important, like the ability to liquefy fruit, and haul musical instruments, kayaks, and other people through the wilderness to secret shrimp festivals.

If Kipchoge survives the voting, he’ll become the subject of a reality TV show called The Reality Show, and the reality he’d be showing is important and rare. And entertaining and great product exposure. So Just Do It™: vote the other people off.

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