An emergency of some kind

Boy, I feel safer already!Am I the only one who’s very nervous that Dubya has twice in the last few weeks offered scenarios whereby federal troops might be deployed domestically? Disaster response is one. The need to impose a quarantine in the event of an Avian flu outbreak is another. A no-fly zone for infected birds maybe? I was surprised at how thoroughly briefed he seemed on the subject of the Army’s role in containing scary epidemics in this morning’s press conference. What reasons beyond invisible pathogens might you need to send the Marines in most anyplace, anytime? Will the current “bubble” in the fossil fuel supply chain not pop convincingly after this cold Winter in time for the so-called driving season, and present an opportunity to give our non-negotiable way of life fresh meaning? If not next year, perhaps in years to follow, after precedents are set.

6 thoughts on “An emergency of some kind”

  • veloandy

    Hey Todd,

    I totally love your blog.

    I noticed the exact same thing about W chomping at
    the bit to extend the government’s power to deploy
    troops domestically, and it scares the crap out of
    me. It scares me on a level comparable to the
    erosion of privacy, due process, and civil rights
    enabled by the Patriot Act.

    Where are the Libertarians on the Right and Democrats
    on the left? Surely a lot of people in both camps
    must agree that this is a very very bad idea.

  • Ben

    Forget the National Guard getting all the good parking spots at the 7 Eleven, check out that Sturmey Archer Dynohub!

  • blipzandstripz

    In 1999 if somebody would have told me how bizarre things
    were going to be during the next decade I would have told
    them they were nuts, that there is no way our government
    would use fear and the relative ignorance of the masses and religion
    as tools to blur the lines between government and business.

    The United States is like a Looney Tunes alternate universe
    version of itself these days. It’s like something you see
    happening right before your eyes and can’t believe.

  • Bill Manewal

    As my bumperstcker delcares: “We don’t have a democracy. We have an auction.” And the Krispy Kreme people snooze with their critical faculties on MUTE.

    My great hope is that $5 or $10 gas prices might wake them up from a world in which 18 production automobiles in 2005 boast 400 or more horsepower.

  • Yeti

    Blipz, I wrote an e-mail to someone a few days ago with almost identical
    wording. This was concerning the ‘gagging’ of climate scientists in the US who
    are not allowed to mention climate change, or are penalised if they do so.
    I wish all of you the best of luck. 1999 is the year we left the US, after living there
    for 12 years, and I am SO glad we got out in time.

    I found an interesting summary of ‘weird’ stuff that happened in New Orleans
    (in terms of FEMA denying help),
    and many people seem to think this was a practice run for ‘something’ -
    bird flu outbreak? Peak oil?
    Here’s the summary:

    I think this is the first time I’ve posted a comment here, but
    like to pop in every now and then, and enjoy reading, Todd.
    cheers everyone, Yeti

  • AbiQ

    My jaw almost hit the floor when I heard shrub talking about using the military for a quarantine.The segue was so abrupt and seemed like it was out of left field. I thought, ââ?¬Å?Time to pack my bags and head for the borderââ?¬Â? before the quarantine all the germy leftists.

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