Stokemonkey ships

I have quietly begun shipping Stokemonkey kits to people who’ve long said they wanted one. You know who you are. And I’ve nearly finished a major site expansion. I’ve gotten lots of feedback on how to make it better, and will be tweaking it continually. Linking to it here prematurely, nits and all, helps me avoid the anxiety of the final steps of most anything I undertake.

3 thoughts on “Stokemonkey ships”

  • George

    I like it. It makes me want to go out and get an Xtra Cycle for one of my bikes.

    My wife would kill me :-)

  • Bill Manewal

    George – Be a man! Put your wife on the Xtracycle Snapdeck, and then, with the considerable help of Stokemonkey of course, give her a nice ride. (Installing Footsies and a tandem seatpost bar will help). She will think of you as the chivalrous super-strong creature she has always dreamed of. Or else totally crazy. (My wife thinks it’s very cool to ride to our local tennis court without pedalling!)

  • Martina

    She will also enjoy the attention… people still stare at the stokemonkey. But the absolut coolest is, when you get her to ride for the first time with a load and she zoomes by a wanne-be Lance Amstrong… I am speaking from experience!

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