Portland bikecraft faire

Jonathan over at BikePortland.org has put together what looks like a must-attend event with the December 7th Bikecraft Faire. If you see a longbike with a Portland-crafted red motor kit on it there, with Portland-crafted wood fenders, with some pure-human-power punks vandalizing it indignantly for ideological impurity, extravagance, and general superfluity, that’ll be mine. But let’s see them haul a couple hundred pounds of recycled cycling caps and headset-spacer napkin rings home to crime-free West Linn at 30 MPH in the sleety night, OK?

Now that my tongue’s in cheek, what is it about making things with one’s hands, or indeed celebrating any “alternative” cultural phenomena that brings out Ye Olde Society for Creative Anachronism? I am referring, of course, to the term “Faire.” It’s as if there’s a steep, short, slippery slope from contemporary banality and excess to the Disney version of the Renaissance. At least that’s what I observed at the nearby Earth Day festivities: whole lotta men in tights with lace dickies and flame dancers, selling handmade soap and unicorn paintings and Dungeons & Dragons figurines, hauled there by car of course.

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