Completing the circle

I built Xtravois over two years ago in part as a development platform for Stokemonkey. Until a couple days ago, it was equipped with an early functional prototype of the assist. Three days ago I installed the production version of the kit on Xtravois, on the principle that I should ride what I sell, and also that it’s just better. The production version wasn’t designed to work without a regular Xtracycle, but it just so happens that there’s a tube of the right diameter in a serviceable location, so it just worked. Here it is in service hauling my son to and from preschool in cold sleety Portland. (Note poncho shielding son. We don’t need no steenking velomobiles!) We stopped by the machine shop to see Bill Stites, who makes Stokemonkey’s mount. Bill shares the space with Vanilla Bicycles and Terracycle. I love this town: poncho-riffic



2 thoughts on “Completing the circle”

  • Ian Hopper

    I’ve been wanting to take my son to daycare on my Xtracycle equipped bike in the rain and or/ cold, but the wife thinks it’s too windy/cold/wet et hoc genus omne, Your solution appears to be the answer I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Where did you find that poncho setup, and how do you have it attached? Of course, I’m not riding an Xtravois, but I think I could modify what you’ve come up with to adapt it to my bike. One other question: who makes those handlebars you’ve got on the Xtravois? My straight bars are KILLING my wrists… carpal tunnel flare up and all.

    BTW, I love you blog, and I hope someday to be able to add one of your stokemokey’s to my Xtracycle.. I live at the top of a very steep hill (I have to zig-zag up it in lowest gear when I’m loaded), and it would be so much safer if I didn’t have to conflict with the (fortunately minimal) traffic to get to the top. There are a lot of hills in Marin County, CA, many of which lie between me and my most frequent destinations! Keep up the fabulous work… I’m following your progress closely and you have my highest admiration on your efforts to bring the StokeMonkey to market.

  • Todd

    That’s a pretty normal cyclist’s rain cape from CAT: . These are good too: . It’s just draped over son in the peapod. There are internal tiedowns to minimize flap.

    The handlebars are Nitto Albatross from Riv: . Yeah, they’re wonderful.

    If I had any sense I’d be pitching (cheap!) prototype stock to you: I have product ready to ship right now. The only reason I’m not flogging it is the crummy electronics enclosure situation I’m remedying, but it’s hardly a showstopper if you don’t mind improvising a temporary fix on your own. I’ll upgrade everybody to the mo’better enclosure when it’s available.

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