Everybody agrees that my site needs photos of people using Stokemonkey, instead of just bare bikes on kickstands. I’m working on it. Meanwhile, I have only one cool photo, and it’s too blurry to serve product-flogging purposes. There’s an extended household in my neighborhood with three generations of active transportational bicyclists in it (this is Portland!). I like them, and have taken an interest in photographing their errands for the charisma they can lend Stokemonkey, as well as their feedback as users. A car-free working mom of two small kids can put Stokemonkey to good use. Here’s that mom ferrying her own mother to a semi-formal event downtown one recent evening. It took some doing to convince the grandmother not just to ride her own regular bike (it can wound biker pride to be a passenger), but it was fun anyway:

2 thoughts on “People”

  • Aaron

    If you want pictures, I’m the one to talk to. Just email me through my website or email me your phone number and I’ll photograph you, and anyone else using the stokemonkey (also I think Jonathan has one from the bike move.
    I’m happy to help you out.

  • Mike

    Todd has a few pics, and movies, of a very happy customer in Madison, WI. We blazed along one of the bike paths, and on the streets with a fully functional and well-loaded X/SM. I’ll let Todd get the story rolling, but wanted to drop a hint while Todd is on his way home.

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