bagI have finally gotten the first small batch of improved electronics enclosures for Stokemonkey. These should resolve the troubles that caused me to stop shipping product early in December. It took a surprising number of revisions to get it right, and to be honest this first small batch still has a nit or two that we’ll design out of future batches.

The bags are made here in Southeast Portland by Beckel Canvas, another local business we’re pleased to support. Beckel makes Duluth Pack or even Rivendell’s house bags seem like Abercrombie & Fitch. Old School without the K! As much as we love canvas, though, we opted for impermeable vinyl truck tarp (the same as Ortlieb bags), because the bag doubles as a fender, protecting Stokemonkey from road spray.

The bag may be of interest to regular Xtracycle users, too, as a place to put things that don’t like to get lost, wet or smooshed in the main cargo areas. Tools? Camera? Electronics for lighting or audio? There’s a seam along the front bottom edge sealed only with velcro for wire access.

Current tiny stock is spoken for (I’ll try to ship before I depart for China in a few days); I’ll announce general availability separately.
bag bag

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  • Matt

    This may be old news to you, but there is a company called A123 doing batteries for DeWalt power tools. What is interesting is that these are very energy-dense 36 volt lithium-ion batteries. They sound wonderful, and I thought maybe I’d suggest that it would be worth looking into the idea of using the DeWalt 36v battery packs as an energy source. They’d be widely available, easily replaceable and allow you to piggyback on the dealer network they have in place.

    It’s just a thought. Have fun in China!

  • Todd

    Yes I’m following the story on those batteries, Matt. I would love to be able to refer customers to their local DeWalt dealer for suitable battery packs. My best guess is that the DeWalt packs would be good for only a few miles each, and the cost of multiples could be prohibitive. Larger packs based on similar technology at good prices appear to be a way off.

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  • Nicolas Nelson

    Wow, what a cool bag! I followed your recent link from Xtracycle Forums, and I am thrilled.

    But I had imagined this bag going in a different space. Mac said “I see a lot of wasted space in the back of the frame where the rear wheel used to go. It seems like a tall, narrow, triangular bag would fit nicely there to hold a pump, tools, etc.” so I have been thinking of the space between the old brake mounts, enclosed by/below the seat stays. That’s still a cluttered nether-region on my Xtracycle, struck through with the Burley rack stay and Pea Pod stays, and some barely serviceable bottle cages zip-tied into the mess. I’m giving up on it for now.

    But I realize I have never really noticed that unutilized space below the Snap Deck. Brilliant. Does the Snap Deck easily clip on over the bag?

    Looking forward to your “general availability” announcement!

  • Nicolas Nelson

    …and enjoy China too… wish I were going

  • Nicolas Nelson

    Okay, I’m an idiot. Since I’m here, I thought I’d check out the stokemonkey info again (I want one someday). The overview photo clearly shows THE STOKEMONKEY ITSELF fits the nether region I’d been considering for possible bag space.

  • 'Full Throttle' Mike
    'Full Throttle' Mike March 13, 2006 at 12:26 am

    I have one of the prototypes of this bag, and it works great. Absolutely no issues with the bag of any kind.

  • tricky coyote

    Some of you early stokeheads should consider writing a review of the monkey here:

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