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Child Obesity Tests Limits of Car Seats, Study Says.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. children, accounting for almost a quarter of fatalities among those less than 1 year old and almost a third of deaths among preschoolers.

That’s pretty bad, isn’t it? Can you think of a remedy that might address obesity, as well? Or is the problem really just that jumbo size “car safety seats” are too expensive on top of all the other car costs? That’s what this study implies:

Oversized child-safety seats cost as much as three times the price of a normal seat, and children from poor families are among those most at risk from unsafe seats, the study shows.

Bigger, cheaper restraints: that’s what we need. “Medical researchers” funded by pharmaceutical and diet interests shrug:

The number of overweight toddlers will probably keep rising, said Morgan Downey, head of the Washington-based American Obesity Association, which is funded by Abbott Laboratories and Weight Watchers International Inc. “The medical researchers we work with see nothing happening to reverse this trend,” he said.

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