Meanwhile in America

Beijing may be ditching tired bikes and trikes in order to move on up to dee-luxe apartments out past the fifth ring road, but in my beloved Portland, bikes and trikes are the fresh vehicle of choice for such social climbing. These bike moves seem to be evolving into Critical Mass for workbikes. Further documentation:
* Patrick and Holly’s cut. See also their Breakfast on Bridges deal, another fabulous Portland bikey institution.

* Jonathan’s take

I’m sure appreciating what we’ve got here, especially now that spring’s in full swing. I’ve been riding my son to school five miles away daily on the Brompton instead of a Stokemonkey-equipped bike. On the powered thing we got there in fourteen minutes; on the Brompton it’s closer to twenty-five. But when it’s so beautiful outside, and your son’s nearly in your arms, who wants to hurry? I’m happy to confirm, at least, that riding the powered thing mostly through the cold sloppy months hasn’t taken anything out of my legs.

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