Stokemonkey production status

More people look at the blog than are subscribed to the Stokemonkey mailing list, so I’ll reproduce this recent message, with apologies for the redundancy.

Hi folks -

With the warm weather I’ve gotten a lot of email and calls recently about how soon Stokemonkey will be shipping again. I’ve also heard various expressions of concern and encouragement to keep going, as if I were thinking about just fading away or something: nothing could be further from the truth! I’ve been holding off making an announcement because I don’t have a rock-solid date, but maybe I can cut the volume of redundant questions by reporting what I know:

A large number of motors and controllers are now clearing US customs. I have a fair number of the rest of the kit components already on hand, with more in various stages of production. Batteries are currently the item I have least of, and I’m going as fast as I can to break that bottleneck (I had to reject a batch late in the game because the performance of a test sample was disappointing). At any rate, I expect to have more kits ready to go in May than I have ever had before.

Whether this means that you, personally, can get a kit in May, well, it depends. I was planning to work down the longish list of people who have previously told me they wanted one, contacting them and offering them dibs. I will strongly favor those who already have compatible Xtracycles set up and waiting.

Along with the shipment in customs is replacement connector stock and tooling. I plan to retrofit my existing stock of 2 generations of product with the new connector scheme, and sell it at a discount after the production kit delivery pressure lets up enough. Having all my stuff on the same connector scheme, with repair capability, will let me provide a conscionable level of support.

That’s all for now.

Todd Fahrner

Instigator, Cleverchimp LLC

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