"King of the road"?

Hyperbolic title aside, it’s still a nice article: Bicycle is king of the road as gas costs rise from the International Herald Tribune.

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  • veloandy

    Hey Todd, I really love reading your blog.

    Great article!

    At one point it says:
    But even though Bush is scrambling to find ways to cut U.S. oil consumption, it is not clear whether he sees the bicycle as much more than a virtuous hobby.

    When asked, point-blank about encoraging bicycle use as basic transportation, Bush didn’t seem to think it was a very good idea. At this press conference, the following Q/A session occured:

    “Q: Sir, you said you’ve been riding for almost two years now. Have you given any thought to encouraging Americans to use bicycles as basic transportation? I mean, it’s a way to solve so many problems that we face.

    It’s more fun than running, isn’t it?

    Bush: I think it is. I was an avid runner, but there’s — first of all, you can’t get — at Camp David there’s a hill that we go down and get up to about 32 mph.”

    That said, I think the article you mention does a great job at summarizing what a great impact local politcians can have on cycling. It is easy to tell when a city deliberately attempts to make cycling a priority.

    I am also encouraged to see more cyclists on the streets lately. Hopefully all the new cyclists will keep it up, and hopefully this will make our communities even more livable and bicycle friendly.

  • uroburro (was full-throttle mike)
    uroburro (was full-throttle mike) May 5, 2006 at 3:27 am

    I want to cry when I read something like this:

    “”It surprised us that neither country [Netherlands, Denmark] has a national bicycle program as such any more,” said Mary Crass, a transport policy analyst at the OECD in Paris. “It just wasn’t necessary.”"

    Daily commuting in Madison WI (US) is always a challenge. And this is a relatively bike-friendly town. There are just enough drivers–who don’t want to put up with bicyclists sharing the road with them–to make commuting dangerous.

  • Mauricio Babilonia

    King? Not any time soon. Crown prince, maybe. Someday.

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