Stoke that cargo bike meme

In case you missed it in Mssr. Babilonia’s recent comment, there’s a fine story on the front page of today’s Wisconsin State Journal: Cargo bikes carry the load. the family that prays together

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  • uroburro

    Mssr Babilonia must be on a media mission. He was also in the local Sustainable Times rag. Now if we can just get these folks to publish an article about the next generation of cargo bikes…

  • Todd

    This is somehow related I’m sure: today a couple came by with their toddler son to check out Stokemonkey and the Brompton. We rode together to my son’s preschool — four people on Xtravois, and one on another Xtracycle. Up ahead I saw another Xtracyclist, so sped up to meet him at a light. There we were, 3 Xtracycles at one intersection, with no script. Just as we were marveling at this, lo, a fourth Xtracycle comes whizzing through the intersection. He was in too great a hurry to stop and celebrate the obvious cosmological significance of this, but still. The fourth Xtracyclist was riding without any racks on — just the bare chassis. And he was wearing a loaded backpack. I’ve seen this guy before with the same arrangement. Why would anybody carry a full backpack on an empty Xtracycle? Surely the end is nigh.

  • Herb

    I’ve just been following your trip to China and want to comment on your Stokemonkey product. I love your concept for the power-assist! I was wondering if it has been tried on a cargo bike like the one they build in Eugene, Oregon at the Center for Appropriate Transportation (I’m sure you know all about them).

    Here in Toronto I’ve driven these Long Haul cargo bikes quite a bit and love the feel and just how much cargo I can carry. I’d like to see how power-assist can increase their usefulness for hauling cargo. Just last week I had to walk up a steep hill. You can contact me through my website. Thanks!

  • Erik Sandblom

    I want to thank you, Todd, for your great website. I find it entertaining to read. You could make it into a novel, especially the Beijing part.

    I’ve always been into bicycles, but your site and the Xtracycle Free Radical, and some of the trailer and cargobike info on the web, is very inspiring. I wanted to do something cool like you guys. Since I feel bicycle transport is about doing more with less, I splashed out on a 2,5m compression strap.

    I already had a large rear carrier, but never used it for anything bigger than a pannier. With the compression strap and a big bag I had in the attic, I can bring all my recycling to the recycling station in one go. Previously it would require at least one, half-hour round trip on foot because it was too big for the bike. Pretty cool.

  • Mike Reeves

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