Melting away

stuffstuffNo, not the ice caps (well, that too). I’m feeling fine. The tension in my jaw, neck, shoulders is melting away. I am more energetic, and more patient with my wife and child (sorry guys, I know). The cold I’ve been fighting is now officially over. What’s come over me? After about two weeks of not really knowing where it was (or after more than three years of tinkering, depending how you reckon), today I received my first largish inventory of Stokemonkey parts from China. I’ve opened less than half the cartons, but so far the rate of positive to negative surprises is about 1:1, with no fatal surprises at all. I’m feeling massively relieved. What surprises me is how out of touch I was with what was eating me. Suddenly all the little stuff has become little again.

I’m not out of the woods yet. I don’t have enough batteries, and I have a lot of assembly and testing to do, but yes, I’ll be shipping this month, more monkeys than ever. Man, it will be nice to see a reversal in the Cleverchimp cash flow!

Tomorrow is a date of significance to my wife, so we’ll all bike to Sauvie Island and maybe spend the night. And then I’ll get back to work.

One thought on “Melting away”

  • Bill Manewal

    Massive relief is a good thing!
    More energy, more patience, more monkeys… all good things.

    Hope the Sauvie Island trip was wonderful… you deserve it.

    It’s great to see the inventory building, ready for more riders to do more things with this awesome form of transportation.

    I’ve planned to see a patient in Pacifica tomorrow: 10 miles over Skyline and down Sharp Park Blvd. on a beautiful sunny day… life is so hard working on a Stokemonkey!

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