Got time to kill? Google Trends lets you see what people are searching for in various parts of the world. Portland’s prominence and absence in certain search patterns confirm that we’re home.

5 thoughts on “Home”

  • @man

    Portland has a lot of firsts:


    Sounds like the rainiest paradise I’ve ever encountered, but I could get used to it, I bet…

  • Tom

    One small problem with your post. I’m assuming you mean Portland, OR and not Portland, ME:)

  • uroburro

    Had a feeling that Madison WI US was going to be number 1 (by a surprising margin) for Community Supported Agriculture.

  • Mauricio Babilonia

    We’re also number 1 in Family Farm (Portland is number 9), Beer Brewing (Portland is number 2), Car Sharing(Portland is number 5), and number 2 in regional planning (but a distant second to Tallahassee?!?!?). Madison and Portland also appear together in Invasive Species, Cheese Factory and Community Garden.

    The graph for Fixed Gear just makes me smile.

    In spite of frequent accusation from other parts of Wisconsin, Madison doesn’t even make an appearence in Communist, Socialist, People’s Republic or Liberal Island.

    Thanks Todd–what a fun toy!

  • nuovorecord

    You can add “microbrew” to Portland’s list of #1′s. :)

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