Al Gore 3.0

Some people think I was being harsh on Al Gore with my Convenient Lie post. Actually I like what he’s doing. There’s a good interview here, at Rolling Stone.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore 3.0”

  • fred

    I just read the interview noted in the link above. I’m not politically inclined, so I have no pre-conceived notions
    regarding Al Gore. The interview is certainly thought-prevoking. I especially liked his comment that drug users will find
    veins in their toes, when talking about how much energy is being used to extract one barrel of oil from tar sands.

    I’ve found my addiction recently. I want to use my bicycle or velomobile for everything and to not use my ICE vehicle
    as much as possible. I go into a funk when something interferes with this “fix” but I’m realistic enough to know that it
    can’t be that way all the time (yet).

    I’m also realistic enough to know that it’s not going to work for everybody, but as “our” numbers grow, more people will
    realize that it can work for them.

    I’m encouraged to see the short timeline Al Gore believes will be used for this dramatic/drastic change.

    jaco (just another cyclist’s opinion)

  • Erik Sandblom

    Isn’t it fascinating that when an adult says “I want to see how much I can do without a car” then that guy is either a freak or a mad scientist? It’s like it’s okay to use a bike, train, bus, plane, ferry, but only if you use a car also. As soon as you subtract that one form of transportation, you’re a freak. Sigh.

  • Spence

    gads… you’re right! I never realized it, but when people ask me about my crazy conveyance, I tell them “I’ve replaced my car,.. but I still own a car,..”

    It’s some weird status thing I can’t seem to shake.

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