Bikely is a bicycle route sharing tool worth bookmarking. This is pretty much what I envisioned happening a year ago after I stumbled upon Gmaps Pedometer.

There are a lot of projects out there that aim to compute bicycle routes, rather than rely on actual bicyclists simply to document them. I haven’t been too impressed with the computed routes. Meanwhile, the success of the been-there sharing approach depends on lots of cyclists getting behind a service like Bikely. Add your routes!

7 thoughts on “Bikely”

  • uroburro

    Very cool, I’ve started my commuter route.

  • Matt Liggett

    See also

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  • Ruby

    This is a great tool. Thank you.

  • Michael Meiser

    I’m not sure about bikely. I’m definitely going to give it a try, but it seems like working with kid gloves on. The needless framsets, particularly the bottom fram make the workable space of the map tiny on my 15″ powerbook.

    It also needs import from gmaps pedometer.

    Still… it does have huge potential and is the only route sharing network I know. Route sharing is going to be huge in the future.

    Oh… also I do like their “nearby” feature… though I wish there were some routes nearby. SE michigan is to quiet.

    Maybe I should help them get their workflow models, usability and interaction models together. Bikely could really rock.

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  • Stephen Robinson

    Check out WikiWalki – a community site for more sports than just biking.

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