Not a scandal, but the yard-cum-business gate of Cleverchimp, by Matt Cartwright:
The hinges are headsets in headtubes; the latch is a crankset, and various Stokemonkey mount prototype parts are welded in.

Just a couple more eons of work on the shop and access to it and we’ll get serious about developing a local business instead of just the mail-order flavor we’ve got going.

7 thoughts on “Cleverchimpgate”

  • Pam and Jeff

    Now that’s class! If this doesn’t set the mood for anyone entering your soon to be business entrance–nothing will. Well done Todd.

  • fred

    it’s certainly a wonderful work of art! I’ll bet with headset hinges, it swings pretty smoothly. Nicely done!

  • Andrew

    Very nice! I like how the chainwheels look to be suspended in a web of chain (is that right? Hard to see). Are you going to paint it to give it a polished look, or leave it raw?

  • Todd

    Yes, the chainwheels are held in by chain tension. Original plan was to have more chains, taut and crossing, to make a more graceful arc or suspension-bridge effect, but the mounting holes weren’t precisely enough drilled to get the right tautness. So the chains are floppy without the wheels wedged in to take up the slack. I think the result is more harmonious with the loose asymmetry of the lower panels anyway.

    If you had a whole lot of chainrings, you could make an entire panel this way. An inspiration was the chainring gate pictured a ways down this page:

    We thought about powder-coating, but current plan is to let it rust, rubbed smooth where we touch it. The gate is the only fun/loose element in an otherwise formally pretty fence of reclaimed fir and bamboo (you see some context in the background of “Fly my pretties!” below). It’s gonna look even better after the vines and fruit trees get established.

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  • gwadzilla

    very pretty

    I really like it

    I would think it a tad more classic if it were all one color

    but I am conservative that way

  • Todd

    give it a decade or two and it will be one color, more or less.

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