Flashback or signs of life

Dave Gray at Surly has uttered the L-word about Stokemonkey even though he’s only semi-crippled now. (Check their blog, the 6 October entry). There you see an Xtracyclified, Monkeystoked Instigator hauling the prototype Big Dummy longtail frame to a classified facility for tough yet safe testing free of Geneva Convention restraints, like toddler and grocery stress positioning, Winter, and I’m not at liberty to say what else:
instigator carries dummy

The picture reminded me sharply of my ferry trips to Bernie Mikkelsen’s shop across the San Francisco Bay in 2003, hauling parts to build Xtravois on the then-current Xtracycle. Made me think of sex, or maybe animal husbandry, or sourdough starter perpetuation, one generation of being materially supporting cultivation of the next, superior strain:
lafree carries xtravois wheels

3 thoughts on “Flashback or signs of life”

  • Shawn

    The Big Dummy is enough to make me enter the Xtracycle fray, but suddenly, I’m wondering; “Has anyone asked Jeff Jones to build one?” That would be amazing. Expensive, but amazing.

  • Jim

    Once again, I am just a few feet outside of instant fame! I was standing right near the Xtra/Big Dummy rig at about the time that picture was taken. That was my first time to meet Dave (I don’t get out much), and he is a very creative and clever guy.

  • uroburro

    Interesting that he’s hooked (line and sinker from the sound of it) on the Stokemonkey addition to the bike. He echoes my feelings exactly. Once it’s on, why would you want to take it off? It adds a whole ‘nother dimension to bike riding.

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