Patrick has contributed an article about Bikes at Work trailers and contextual musings to the site formerly known as Living Room and The Bike People, Bicycle Fixation. I remember poring over this repository of essays in my formative years as an “identity bicyclist” in the late ’90s. I’m happy to see it stirring again after years of minimal activity, now fitted with an RSS-equipped blog no less. And wool knickers! Ooh! the things you never expect to emerge from Los Angeles (I grew up there, so it’s fair game for me to knock it, right?)

Richard Risemberg is the prime mover of Bicycle Fixation. He contributes also to EBykr, focusing on the material side of bike love, for your feed-aggregating pleasure.

What else? Some of these links are a bit stale, but perhaps you missed them?

  • Lady stands up to nouveau automobiliste bullying in Beijing. It sort of ruined it for me to hear that the lane was in fact designated as a shared car/bike one. So she’s no Tank Man, but it’s the same appeal.
  • Continuing in the vein of incongruous white folk helmetlessly embracing the dignity of bikes in carland, not long after Richard posted a photo of Prince Maurits van Oranje flitting through traffic on his Bakfiets did Jonathan publicize Lewis Dye modeling as the Queen of England being shunted around in similar. Next came Princess Marilene with royalings in the hopper, followed right away by Prince Charles’ resolve to leave the helicopter at home more often, having his chauffeurs ride bikes ahead to his various appointments instead of cars — “it is causing a headache for palace staff and some senior courtiers fear his green plans could embarrass the Queen and other members of the royal family who continue to use helicopters and jets.” Good on him!


5 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  • Richard Wilson

    God Save the Queen!

    So which bike company will become the royal warrant holder? They certainly can’t give it to Bakfiets.nl… My bet is on Pashley.

  • Jim

    Just curious; what is the definition of ââ?¬Å?identity bicyclistââ?¬Â??

  • john

    I was wondering about that term, too.

  • Todd

    identity bicyclist, um, i made it up, thinking it was self-descriptive. i mean a person for whom bicycling is a prime social or political point of orientation, or identity key, rather than just a pastime, sport, form of exercise, or thrift. i’ve always been a bicyclist, but it’s been less than ten years that i’ve come to realize how central it is to my identity. it’s the point beyond which many other bicyclists, let alone motorists, began to regard me as weird, for instance in my eye-rolling at the idea of using a car to go someplace to ride a bike. it’s the point at which i reached clarity about never wanting to own a car, even as a 30-something with other elements of “american dream” ambition and means in place.

  • Jim

    I have a sticker from Xtracycle that says something about being a “bicycling lifestylist”. Same thing I think. In any case, I like both terms.

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