Taking a leap

Cleverchimp has been just me for a few years, half-time, as Martina, my dear wife of twenty years has continued to work for the Man, and I’ve been house dad.

A couple weeks ago Martina quit her job. Her company was going to send her full-time to Los Angeles for six months, which would have meant Cleverchimp slowing way down when it needs to speed up, way up, to fulfill existing and projected 2007 Stokemonkey orders. It would also have been very hard on a four-year-old boy going through an extreme mama-attachment phase. So Stokemonkey is now our only bread and butter.

It feels good, so far. I’ve taken a new interest in dental floss now that we’re between insurance plans.

It would feel better if we had all the stock on hand we need. Big battery shipment is being held in port (don’t ask), while small batteries arrived only last week. Product assembly is proceeding a little more slowly than usual, for a little while, because everything is now an important teaching/learning opportunity, and my private (lack of) organizational skills are getting challenged and starched up to support more hands.

I’m headed to London and Amsterdam in December, too, on business (really). Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Taking a leap”

  • wolfy

    Awesome DUDE!!

    You rock!

    There’s a stokemonkey/bigdummy in my future. Somewhere out there…


  • Jonathan Maus

    best of luck to you Todd. I know it will work out. It’s a great product and the timing is right.

    …but ahh the devil is in the details huh?

    let me know how I can help.


  • Richard Wilson

    thanks for all your hard work and sacrifices in following a dream that makes life better for all of us. happy thanksgiving and let us know if there’s anything we can ever do to to help as you make this big leap.

  • joshua bryant

    That sounds like a tough endeavor, hope all works well for you. I just relocated to Portland so if you ever need free labor, let me know.

    Cheers, and good luck.

  • Bill Manewal

    Not a day goes my but what I have a big grin in my heart from riding 25 to 40 miles on my Stokemonkey/Instigator to and around San Francisco in my work.

    As my senses become increasingly attuned to the bike and motor, I feel my body becoming more in sync with the hybrid experience. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love it more each week. It seems I’m really well into the process of becoming an Identity Cyclist, or something good and strong.

    I just attended a lunch with 2000 people being educated about the Pachamama Alliance wherein we heard from two Ecuadorean rainforest indigenous men who spoke about the need “to change the dream of the North.” The everday work bicycle experience sure packs a big payload of dream-changing.

    I certainly have you, Todd, to thank for facilitating this experience. If there’s anything I can do at a distance to assist you and Martina in your new adventures, don’t be shy in asking.

    Best wishes for a wildly successful future – Bill

  • Dean Mullin

    I thought dental floss was a Montana crop — never saw much in London…. so there must be something besides dental floss in the details. Congratulations on making that leap, and enjoy the trip!

  • Aaron Goss

    I remember when I did it, then again when Gypsie quit her job to do massage full time. You will make it!

  • Martina Fahrner

    While Todd is off flossing in Amsterdam and London, I will keep try to keep the monkeys coming: Todd will confirm all throttle selections etc. with you and I take care of the building and fulfillment…

  • Johan Declercq

    I wish you a big succes with the enterprise. I hope that Europe will follow (I certainly would like to stoo
    to stokemonkey my Quest velomobile)

  • Pam and Jeff

    Yep-floss is the best friend of under or no insurance folks! Good luck to you both. You live your principles and make us proud. I hope you are blessed with all your hearts’ desires.

  • Kevin Bradshaw

    Best of luck! I hope your dream comes true. My Xtracycle kit arrives tomorrow, hopefully it will
    be Stoked someday! I hope to be out in Portland in the future as well, and begin my own dream…

  • Ian Hopper

    WOW! Nice job! Congratulations you two! I’m here rootin’ for ya!

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