Elizabeth II on bikes

We’re writing up our European trip, slowly. Meanwhile, don’t miss Velorution’s exclusive scoop of the Queen’s Christmas address. (Yes, that’s a Bakfiets.nl cargobike in the window.)

I suppose this is related to the reported green tussling within the royal house.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth II on bikes”

  • Rian

    I took a stab at finding a pronunciation of “bakfiets” online with no luck. Wikimedia has an Ogg Vorbis file posted, but I failed to find a media player/plugin to solve the problem. Ah, technology.

    So how about a “it sounds like…”

    For example “rian” sounds like “ryan” or “rye-in.”

  • Todd

    BOK-feets. The bak part’s “a” isn’t quite “o”, though, but as in “Mach 1″

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