Vintage Stokemonkey kit available

[Note: the kit sold.]

One of our earliest customers wrote us an apologetic email explaining his decision to sell his Stokemonkey. Andrew lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with neither car nor kids. He rides his regular bikes plenty, and finds that Stokemonkey is overkill. He hasn’t ridden it much. This calls for no apology! Again, we aim to replace car trips, not bicycle trips. In an ideal world of flattish, human-scale development, roads free of lethal threats to child bicyclists, relaxed schedules, great mid- and long-range transit, etc., Stokemonkey wouldn’t have much to offer anyone! Congratulations to Andrew for contentment in the simpler path.

This is a first. (One other guy almost sold under financial duress, but changed his mind.) If Stokemonkey starts to see more turnover, maybe we’ll set up some kind of used marketplace. Meanwhile, if you want a deal on a lightly used kit, especially if you’re in or around Boston, comment and I’ll pass your email address on to Andrew. I’ll replace the cracked chain guard. I will renew the standard two-year warranty on his fourteen-month-old kit. Exception is the (small) battery: reportedly it’s in serviceable condition, but it’s tough to say how much longer. A used battery is sort of like an open can of beer.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Stokemonkey kit available”

  • Pete

    I’m next door in Arlington, MA, and am moderately curious about how these things work (already have Xtracycle and am very happy with it but getting worn out by hills).

  • adamcosic

    I’ll put up my hand too!
    Thanks, Adam.

  • Andrew Janjigian
    Andrew Janjigian January 6, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    I was going to uninstall the SM kit from my bike soon, but it looks like maybe I should wait a bit, in case any locals interested would like to see it in action. I’d prefer to sell it locally, but I will ship to the lower 48 if I can’t find a local buyer.

    Just to clarify Todd’s description: The kit was installed 14mo ago, and ridden no more than 10 road-hours. It has been well-maintained. The only issues with it are a cracked chain guard (which Todd has offered to replace) and the “used” state of the battery. While Todd is right about it being less-than-new, I suspect it still has a lot of life left in it, since it has been kept fully charged, and has only seen about 1/2-dozen full discharges. Since I’m expecting to sell the kit at a discount somewhat greater than the cost of a new battery, the buyer would be getting a great deal: a fully functional kit at a discounted price with a full warranty and a “free” battery.

    Oh, and ditto to what Todd wrote about my reasons for selling: The Stokemonkey is a great system, and works exactly as described. It just ended up being more power than I could use.


  • Robin Bray

    Andrew, I’m VERY interested in your Stokemonkey. I live less than 2 hours away and
    am available most of the next few days to come and check it out/buy it. Email me with
    your phone number, if it’s still available, and I’ll give you a call to arrange to come
    up at your earliest convenience and to talk details. Thanks, Robin

  • Kevin Gillespie
    Kevin Gillespie January 7, 2007 at 11:01 am

    Andrew, we tried to meet you last spring to check out your
    Xtra and SM but ended up visiting Todd while we were in Portland.
    We’d love the chance to pick up your kit to help with hauling our
    kids and groceries. I work in Kendall Square and could meet you
    at your convenience. Thanks.


  • Bruce Alan Wilson
    Bruce Alan Wilson January 9, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    I wonder about your comment anent development in FLAT areas. Given that I live in West Virginia, which is not called ‘the Mountain State’ without good reason, are you suggesting that we should move from Almost Heaven to someplace like KANSAS?

  • buddy in san francisco
    buddy in san francisco January 14, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Is the SM gone? :(
    Im in.

  • Andrew Janjigian
    Andrew Janjigian January 14, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    buddy, and others.

    While the actual transaction awaits, it does look like I have a buyer lined up. Thanks to all that inquired. It’s great to know that there is so much interest, and that the kit retains value over time.

    I’ll be sure to post a note after the deal is done.


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